Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dakota Valentine

My mom has a thing for shelties. Her first sheltie, Maggie, crossed the rainbow bridge several years ago and my mom has been grieving since. The sight of a sheltie brings her to tears every single time. My mom lives alone but is very social with church, watercolor painting classes, PEO, bridge club and has many friends. Still, she gets so lonely rambling around her house. Kayla and I have been encouraging her to adopt through a sheltie rescue or the pound but they've never had a dog for her. Finally, she said to me "When it's my time God will send a sheltie to me."

Well, God put an ad in the paper Thursday that said "Free Sheltie to a Good Home," along with His phone number. She paced the floors and debated with herself and finally picked up the phone to place a call. The ad said to call after 5 but she couldn't wait that long. She rambled about Maggie and living alone and how long she's been wanting a sheltie, left her name and phone number, and waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, she could wait no longer and called the number again at 9 pm. A lady answered and prompted mom with some questions. When mom said Maggie's name the lady said to someone in the room "She's the one!"

As usual, Saturday morning I was up before everyone else. The coffee was brewing, and I'd just turned on the computer to check weather and e-mail when I heard a gentle tapping on the door. Baylee was happy - it was Mur! Mind, I'm sitting in my PJ's so I'm glad it was someone I knew! She came in and whispered..."I have a sheltie!" We hugged and cried and she told me the story about the ad in the paper. We drove to get him at noon, met the family and heard their story of sacrifice. Dakota needed a good home because their work situation wasn't good for a dog - he was in the crate most of the day and they knew it wasn't a good arrangement for an active little dog. They chose mom because she was familiar with the breed and had rescued a sheltie before - Maggie came from a really, really bad place. Dakota is the sweetest, cutest sheltie I've ever seen....not that I'm biased or anything. He loves his little blue ball and loves to chase shadows. His personality fills the room and my mom's heart. We added the name "Valentine" in honor of the day he came into our lives and for the love that we already feel for him. So, meet Dakota Valentine!


Robin's Nesting Place said...

How silly of me to cry over this story, but you made me cry! I'm so happy for your mom! That is the most beautiful sheltie I've ever seen too. So adorable! They look like they belong together.!

Anonymous said...

Dakota IS beautiful!! I adore Shelties also. I'm happy for your Mom.

Anonymous said...

how wonderful for your mom and for Dakota Valentine! What a treasure for them both. I came close to tears myself just reading this.

YD said...

Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog.
I am so glad your mom and Dakota found each other. Dakota is so adorable!

wcgillian said...

I am a man and I will not shed a tear. Well maybe just one little one when no one is looking. In my life I have had two shelties. They were both wonderful pets. I am very happy for your mom.


Jon said...

Wow..that's what I call a happy Valentine's love story. I am a "dog parent" myself and can certainly relate to your mom's need for another sheltie to be her companion. Thanks for this touching post.

Jon at Mississippi Garden


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