Saturday, February 28, 2009

Northern Cardinal

Although the signs of Spring are everywhere winter still blows her icy kisses this weekend. The cardinals and other song birds are all puffed up staying warm in the chill and the bird feeder looks like the lunch rush. I can't keep enough seed out for them - it's gone in an instant, and then they flutter about and cheep loudly and look at the window practically tapping their little feet, probably thinking..."hey in there...where's the grub?" Whenever I'm in a glum mood all I have to do is sit still and watch the birds for a bit and all is better. Their cheerful demeanor reminds me that nothing is important enough to ruffle my feathers. So I sit when I can, take deep breaths, relax, lower my shoulders, watch the birds and do not think at all.


HappyMouffetard said...

That's a beautiful bird - we don't have any birds that glorious colour in the UK!

Anonymous said...

I like your description of relaxing your shoulders to enjoy the moment.

Anonymous said...

a beautiful bird paired with the same kind of thoughts

Kylee said...

Amazing what we can learn from our fellow inhabitants of this world, isn't it?

Beautiful photo of our state bird! And we are having a hard time keeping up with their appetites, too!


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