Sunday, March 22, 2009

Baylee and Dakota Valentine

Baylee watching me take photos of the dock building process.
She can barely contain her excitement.

This is a story of two dogs. Baylee, my "Berniel" and Dakota Valentine, my mom's new sheltie. For the sheltered among you, a Berniel is a cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and some sort of Spaniel....and a few other breeds. Kayla and I made up the breed name 'cause we just think Eukanuba and Westminster dog clubs should make Berniels official. But that's not the story. The story is about the developing friendship between these two dogs.

Baylee is very laid back. She lumbers here and there, but can get all excited. It's not a good idea for a 55 lb. dog to get excited when her mama (me) is only 5'2 and little.

Dakota is NOT laid back.

Little spirited Dakota Valentine has fallen in love with Baylee. He thinks she's beautiful, this tall, leggy brunette with bedroom brown eyes and a breath that is so stinky. And other parts that smell good to Dakota. They romp and play; Dakota turning quick circles around Baylee who gets bewildered and does her best to keep up. They love sitting on my mom's "sunny beach porch" while she and I have a bit of the grape. This was their first porch sitting.

Dakota is like "Hey, I like you! I really like you! Can I smell your breath? Look at me! Can't you see me? Hey, I'm down here! Hey, I really like you! Hey! Hey! Look down here! Hey, Baylee, play with me! Let's run some more! Oh please oh please oh please!!!!!"


Dakota isn't ready to stop. "Hey!!!!! Hey!!! Ruff!!! Ruff!!! Baylee...let's pllllaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!

Finally, Baylee wins and Dakota stops. For a minute. Then the playing begins all over again. These two are so funny together! They love walking together and chewing on sticks together and chasing birds together.

Dakota and Baylee sittin' in a tree....kis, nah...just kidding. They're both, um, fixed. LOL!


Anonymous said...

How absolutely cute! What great playmates. :)

Daniel Spurgeon said...

Cute! Great observations! Dakota and Baylee look like they have a great time together. You think you have issues at times walking a 50 lb dog? :) You should see Jenise or one of the older kids trying to walk a 130 lb dog! We bought another English Mastiff puppy last May- a male- he now weighs about 130- and growing daily. :)

wcgillian said...


You did a great job capturing these two. This is funny as heck.

Anonymous said...

The power of a wonderful friendship has effects for the entire world to feel. They have wonderful smiles.

Anonymous said...

Debi, how wonderful that your mom's dog is getting along so well with Baylee ... how wonderful for both the dogs and for you and your mom as well!


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