Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Byer's Gold Possumhaw Holly

I chose a Byer's Gold Possumhaw Holly as my "signature tree" when we first moved to the lake. I have 4 possumhaw hollies in my yard - Ilex Decidua, Winterberry, the Byer's Gold and a very happy male who pollinates them all. The hollies this winter were outstanding. The gold berried is still laden with berries even as the spring green shoots emerge. The Mockingbirds are in heaven.

One mockingbird keeps trying to nest in this tree but the continual flow of people too and from is too frustrating to him. Still, I always find him perching in the gold berried holly, laying his claim to it.

Everyone loves to shoot spiderwebs drenched in dew, and I'm no exception. One foggy morning last week the fog and dew were extraordinary. Naturally, I have to share since my blog is so random.

I love the quiet stillness of a damp, foggy morning. Providing I do not need to drive in it, that is.

You can see the gold berried possumhaw in front of the window. In hindsight, I wish I'd planted it about a foot further into the yard as I have to continually clip branches that threaten our eyesight. But this tree is a show-stopper. The winds that whip through the narrow opening between the houses have twisted the tree and made it lean. I'd no idea the winds would be that strong on the lake - lesson learned. See the little fence to the right? It's always all bent up as well after winter and has to be adjusted. There are two of them hiding an ugly utility box where I planted two Knockout Roses, one on each side. That'll be my next task - weeding and mulching. Spring is here!


Anonymous said...

The Holly is gorgeous, and I especially like the way the spiders have decorated. :-) Your home is amazing -- I can't imagine how wonderful it must be to live that close to the water. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I am amazed at how many berries made it through the winter to make it into the spring. They look decorative with those spider webs. Pretty.

Daniel Spurgeon said...

I love the possumhaw! What a lovely tree! Good choice for a "signature" tree.

wcgillian said...

These are great photos Deb. I love dew on webs. It is one of the finest examples of natures strength mixed with its delicate side.

Rachel said...

Beautiful pops of color.

I've developed many dreams in my lifetime, but one that has always been prominent in my heart is the dream of living in the woods on the bank of a lake. You're living my dream. =0)


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