Monday, March 30, 2009

River Art

The dock building continues. I have enjoyed so very much getting to know this crew, watching them work together as a team, seeing how much respect they have for each other and the talents each bring to the table. To me, it's fascinating. I would apply for a job with them if a) I had any natural balance, b) I didn't get motion sickness, and c) I were younger. I'll post some of my favorite photos of the OVER 1,200 TAKEN one day. But, not today.

Today, the concrete truck arrived and I watched in awe as they poured the top and bottom levels. Many photos ensued. At one point I walked over to my neighbor's dock several houses down to take photos. Sometimes the crew was just standing about waiting for the next concrete truck. That's when I'd take photos of the water, a passing barge, flying ducks, whatever struck my fancy or caught my eye.

It was a clear, cold morning. Freezing, actually. My hands were red, my nose running, my eyes watering in the frigid winds. Still, the sun was rising and the sky cobalt blue. The water was beautiful and hypnotic during those times of waiting. It was very quiet. I took several photos from my neighbor's dock, pointing into the waters, at the rocks, at the reflections.

I admit, these are my favorite photos of the day. They look very much like paintings or lithographs. But they're simply photos.

One of my favorite posters as a hippie college kid was one that said "Stand Still and Look Until You Really SEE." The poster looked like a little girl picking flowers, but if you looked closely you saw that the flowers were really people. I thought that cool at the time, and very profound.

That poster came to mind today when I was processing these photos. Stand still and look until you really see. What do YOU see?


Anonymous said...

The dock is like a new platform to extend and build upon how you view and experience life from your true home.

Blessing Counter said...

Lovely, my friend! Your photography just keeps getting better! Love it!! Took a picture for you this weekend btw....the Botanical Gardens here has a Giraffe Tree! I took a photo for you!! I'll send it by email! Love you dear!

Anonymous said...

these images are pure art. look at the lightning in the last one ;-)
I could almost be hypnotized by the water even though it's not in front of me, simply by viewing these lovely art-snaps! Thanks for the river ride.


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