Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Art of Leaves

There is simply no excuse to not go outside and play with the camera. These days find me with more and more time on my hands as the Hubs is recuperating nicely yet it's too soon to take a day-long road trip. Our backyard isn't filled with particularly interesting bits. Or......is it?

The November sun is angled perfectly through the remaining leave structure clinging to the multiple trees along the fence line. The leaves that will be turned to mulch soon call me one afternoon. While Baylee romped and played with sticks I twirled and held up interesting leaves into the light.

Same leaves, different angles, differing lighting.

Their beauty astounds me.

The siding creates a lovely backdrop.

Front then back.

Golden bokeh.

This one sort of reminds me of a horse's head.

Sunlight and leaf.

Even the most mundane of objects can be found beautiful and interesting when shown in a different light. More can be found on my Facebook if you're interested. Just click the link.


bunnits said...

The art of Nature. Beautiful.

sunflowerkat321 said...

In late fall when the leaves are scrunching up an the trees are bare, everything strikes me as very scuptural. Isolating these leaves in beautiful light and subtle background illustrates this perfectly!


Bo Mackison said...

Ah, wabi-sabi at its finest. Gorgeous details on these leaves. Amazing what one pair of eyes sees, others don't even notice. It's a lovely set, Debi. Makes me think I need to go see if there are a few leaves still hanging around in my backyard.

(Think it's about time for a phone call?)

Gaelyn said...

All one has to do is look closely at the little things in nature and a whole new world is opened. Love your leaf play images. I'm sure there's more fun in your back yard.

Diana (Di) said...

beautiful and artistic photos! and I always love the back lighting I see in foliage and especially of the Japanese Blood grass we have in the landscape... as in your leaves. Great eye! ;)

PS: so pleased to know recovery is coming along

Jenny said...

I absolutely LOVE this post Debi. Beautiful and a lesson to me to get out and take a look closer to home (well I will when I get back from a couple of days away anyway)! (-:

Carol said...

Pure poetry in your beautiful portraits of a lifeless leaf. To take the time to see one small detail cast off . . . soon to be mulch . . . reveals a great hidden spirit within the person looking through the lens. Lovely Debi!!

The Garden Ms. S said...

These are stunning. They look as though they are dancing in the light. Beautiful. :)

2sweetnsaxy said...

Ahhhh, you remind me of me. :-D I will spend much time finding different angles and lighting of the simplest of things. Sometimes it is the things that go unnoticed that make the most interested subjects.


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