Sunday, November 14, 2010


Reflection of hubs sitting under the pavilion

Our world turned upside down the afternoon of August 6th. The hubby's fall from a ladder resulted in multiple fractures and the myriad of challenges that come with a body broken into so many pieces. Three surgeries and several special procedures later he is finally able to walk with the aid of a cane and just this week began to drive, making short trips in the neighborhood to the pharmacy and to lunch with one of his best buddies. The daily challenge was to keep sane looking at the same walls so we made a point of going out as much as possible. Not just to get out but to do something normal and be around people.

At first, our outings were to places with handicapped parking and inside areas where we could use the wheelchair. Once he could finally put weight on his right leg, which took over 2 months, he progressed rapidly to a walker and just two weeks ago to the cane. Now, his physical therapist gives him permission and lots of encouragement to go outside onto flat, paved walking paths. Part of the nearby greenway contains a brand new parking area for a small greenspace complete with man-made pond and flat walking paths. Perfect.

The weather here has been gorgeous! Mid 70's, warm with the feeling of autumn in the mornings and afternoons. The leaves are in the middle their color explosions and the air is clear, sky is blue. The Aldridge Creek Greenway is named for the creek beside which it parallels. While Bob slowly walked down the pathway I ambled over to the creek for a look-see.

Trout? Several of these darted by, appearing to be around 8-10 inches long. Bright orange eyes.

Aldridge Creek Greenway

This area must be relatively new. Massive treads of construction vehicles depressed the soft earth lining the man-made pond. Grass has taken hold in most places and the city has planted river birch and crape myrtles while positioning nice benches for contemplation and rest. But that's about it. Bob encouraged me to walk around and take photos while he sat in the shade to rest, so off I went. This section of the greenway is rather sterile at this point of its creation.

Not much stirring. Thankfully, some interest - a military plane of some sort flew overhead.

Viking horn #1

Okay, personal challenge - FIND something interesting here to photograph. Picking my way toward the water I spy Viking horns sticking up. Viking horns and their reflections.

Viking horn #2

The river birch makes for a lovely reflection in the still pond.

Crape Myrtle and River Birch reflections

Wild asters

I'm getting desperate. Hubs is getting tired. I can see his shoulders slumping and he's stretching his leg out. Oh, here are some little wild asters which are actually drawing some attention. The occasional bee and butterfly lands and leaves quickly.

Eureka! A buckeye!

Pretty reeds all in a row.

From the corner of my eye I see the hubs slowly walking down the pathway toward the car. Time to catch up with him and get the boy home. As we approach the creek I hear birds in the treetops, and two flit overhead. Two bluebirds. The male flies on but the female stays.

I felt comforted by her appearance. This sweet gentle bird perched on a lower branch and allowed me to take photo after photo. She watched me the whole time except the moments she looked away, looking for her own husband. She gave me a gift, this lovely little bluebird. A gift of peace and calm. The hubs couldn't stand much longer so we took our leave. When I looked back to say goodbye she'd already flown away.

Hubby has a few more procedures to endure but all in all his prognosis is very, very good.


Robin's Nesting Place said...

I'm so glad to hear that your hubby has made progress and is on the mend. I'm sure this has been a challenging time for you both.

It was sweet to see the buckeye; they have been long gone from here. I miss them already.

Diana (Di) said...

D, the reflections are all so beautiful, my favorite being the water photo with the floating leaf... I could smell the air and water. PS: so pleased hubby is walking around... great progress

Eve said...

I'm glad you two had a great time out there Debi. Love the photos. It's good to get out in the air!

Jan (Thanks For Today) said...

So glad to hear your hubby is recovering well. It's been many a long month since his fall, no doubt. It must do wonders for his spirit to get out and about. Seeing your photos lifts my spirits, I will say that. Especially the one of that bluebird! I don't know when they will begin visiting here, but usually it isn't until it gets very cold and/or we have snow! The weather here has been quite lovely, so no bluebirds just yet! It's interesting how you found 2 of those 'viking horns'. Just 1 would have been unusual enough...but 2 of the same shaped branch is quite a coincidence!! Or, were they created in that position/shape by birds or animals? It kind of looks like birdnests attached to them! (?)
Hope you will both continue to enjoy your autumn and that your husband will find himself getting around more and more and feeling less tired as time goes by:-)

Gaelyn said...

How wonderful to get out into nature. I'm sure the fresh air will help hubby's healing. Plus finding a new semi-natural place nearby is always nice.


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