Monday, November 1, 2010

The Wedding

Mr. & Mrs. Billy Drake
October 16, 2010

Life swirls and dances - dipping and soaring and turning faster and faster as its song plays. In one of its most soaring moments this summer my mother and her soul mate met. They joined our families for eternity on a bright sunny October morning in a most magical wedding.

Gift boxes adorned with cut leaves, their name and wedding date in gold.

Table centerpieces; autumn flowers atop clear cylinders filled with deep red apples.

Baskets of petals awaiting the flower girls.

White satin bows.


Actually, mom and Billy grew up together and even had a date in high school. After high school they went their separate ways as people do, married, had children and grandchildren, and eventually ended up alone and seeking. Billy tracked her down after a mutual friend suggested he look her up. "She's still single I hear." He called and invited her to meet for lunch at the Cracker Barrel. Waiting for her to arrive, sitting in one of their outdoor rockers, he saw her drive in and park. As she walked toward him, smiling her hello, he said he fell in love that very moment. He patiently awaited her to catch up with his emotions, which didn't take long.

Look at Hubby standing! It was just for a second, but Yay!

Mom and me gliding toward her beloved, who stood crying for joy at the altar. There wasn't one dry eye to be seen.

The pastor was amazing. Lovely sense of humor, he put everyone at ease and personalized this special day perfectly. He is remarkable.

The flower girls. All great granddaughters of the groom. One of the flower girls pulled the tiniest angel and her little GIRAFFE toy in a wagon, all festooned with wedding fluff and finery.

The wedding cake decorated with autumnal flowers and petals.

One angel flying to join the others, already running in the grass, enjoying the sunshine.

Family portrait.

This incredible man has an incredible family. Mom and I shared many heartfelt talks before she said "yes" to his proposal. Sitting on her sunny beach porch, sipping wine, we would rock gentle into the night, anxiety keeping us awake, talking until the moon was well over the water of our beloved lake. Will we be welcomed by the sons and daughters, son-in-laws and daughters-in-law, grandchildren and great grandchildren?

The new branch of the family tree is filled with love and laughter, fun and closeness and obvious love and respect for everyone. Being among them, Billy's family, is immersing oneself into a whirlwind of laughter, motion and happiness. They are very much like my husband's family - huge, raucous, loving, joking, living large. What a blessing, what a blessing.

Oh, I'll tell you what kind of a blessing they are. Bob's accident and daily/nightly care prevented me from doing anything - anything - to help my mom with her wedding. Thankfully, I've not had much time to ponder that because it hurts deep down. However, two of Billy's granddaughters planned and carried out the entire wedding details. They did everything - EVERYTHING. Just look at these photos. Another friend of mine took care of the invitations and announcements and Eve did mom's photographs. All I did was buy a dress and show up, stand where they told me to and do what they told me to do. While I was standing up with my mom holding a beautiful bouquet of their choosing the ladies who did EVERYTHING stood in the background. They and their husbands and their incredible family did all the setting up and tearing down and I did nothing. Nothing. I'll be forever grateful to them for making my mom's and their grandfather's day so amazing. My eyes grow teary every time I think about it. They are angels.

My new, good friend, Eve from Sunny Side Up and Pets & Petals Photography took these photos and many, many, many! more. There were well over 700 images to go through and decide upon for this blog. Impossible? Very nearly! More are now on my Facebook so that more friends and family can see them, but for this was tough! You should have seen Eve ducking behind candles and flowers to capture moments - she must have lost 5 lbs. as much walking as she did! Thank you, Eve, my friend, for being there, for capturing these hundreds and hundreds of images for my mom and me! We love you tons!


Bo Mackison said...

Tears in my eyes, reading this, seeing the photos that show all the wedding details done with such care and devotion , all to making a special, memory-making day. Lovely, Debi. Hope all is going OK with you and yours.

Julie Magers Soulen said...

How beautiful on so many levels! Your Mom is lovely. The decorations are gorgeous. The photos are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful moment celebrating love.

Julie Magers Soulen Photography

bunnits said...

How wonderful. Congratulations to all of you.

Your photos of the event are beautiful.

I really like the new header photo--coots and a great blue. Cool.

Anonymous said...

This is so touching, Debi -- what a wonderful, wonderful occasion! Congratulations to all of you as you merge your families together. And thank you for sharing this with us.

Blessing Counter said...

Oh Mur, I had no idea! I am thrilled for that amazing woman and just delighted that God has given you -- ALL of you -- to another special family! They will be blessed by the joining, of that I have no doubt. LOVE TO ALL OF YOU!

Jenny said...

WOW Debi, your joy on this most special day just spills over into this post. Lovely! Evie did a FANTABULOUS job with the photography, but then I knew she would! (-: It was particularly warming to see your hubs up and about! I'm glad that you had such great support behind you so that you could just enjoy the day with your Mum.

Gaelyn said...

I share your tears of happiness. So good to see your hubby up and out. And the bride and groom just glow. Those darling granddaughters are precious angels. You are becoming part of a special family. And you look beautiful!

Eve said...

I loved every minute of it Debi! I'm so glad I was able to capture the Betty and Billy's wedding well enough to make you cry!! In a good way! Such a wonderful family, and all the girls...such sweet faces to photograph!
Thanks for trusting me, I really didn't know I had it in me. Your story of The Wedding couldn't be better!
XXOOs a-plenty!

Diane said...

Oh they did get married -- how incredibly "WONDER-ful" in the true meaning of that word!

I am so happy for both of them. Gosh, to find love such as this is a blessing -- for both.

I toast the Bride & Groom and send blessings for love, laughter, and peaceful times.

Rural Rambler said...

Goodness Debi, this is such a sweet post. It left me teary with happiness for your Mom and her new Hubby and it also made me smile because we just never know when someone wonderful will come into our life and change it forever! Sweet pictures with some touching humor and the happiness Eve caught just jumps right out. Good work Evis! Good to see your Hubby Debi and glad he is doing well in his recovery. What a lovely post to read this morning and make my start of day light and cheery :)

Carol said...

Congratulations to you and your Mom! How utterly sweet! Great that you could just show up! Everything looked so lovely. I wish your Mom and new Dad many happy years together. The children are adorable! ;>)


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