Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Light and shadow

The sun rose bright red over the mountain this morning, ruby shades filtering through the dense tree canopy greeting me as the dogs snuffled around the backyard. Yawning and stretching sleepy stiff muscles, eyes closed, reaching for the light I was reminded of my many blessings. One blessing is the golden afternoon light that filters through plants on my front porch, casting shadows of mystery.

Peaking through my hanging ferns.

Silver edges glow, and more shadows.

If you are bothered by spiders you may want to stop here.

This cute little fella was dangling in a potted plant. Very tiny, around a quarter of an inch long, maybe a tad bit longer. He was content and obviously well fed.

A surprise visitor - a painted box turtle. I moved him out of the backyard into the the wilder area on the other side of the fence. He didn't need the complication of Baylee. The photo is awful, sorry. Forgetting completely about the high humidity I dashed out and snapped this through a foggy lens. Doh! What a nice surprise!


bunnits said...

I love the light and shadow in the leaf photos. The two little guys are also worth some smiles.

Eve said...

Love the turtle! And the light!And the new look!! Miss you girl!


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