Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Inspirational People

In this day of my awakening spirit I am finding myself inspired by a multitude of photographers.  

Ansel Adams said, “You don’t just make pictures with a camera. You make pictures with books you’ve read, the music your’ve heard and with the people you have loved.”

This morning found me perusing the North American Nature Photography Association's website, of which I am a member.  There, highlighted on the front page was a link to Nancy Rotenberg's website, "Natural Tapestries."  I clicked.  I was astonished.  Her work is truly inspirational, her vision exceptional.  It was within Nancy's website that I picked up the above quote by Ansel Adams, another photographer who has inspired me.  Her work spoke so much to my spirit that I decided to blog about it and provide a link to her site so that you can enjoy her work as well.

Other photographers inspire as well not only by their photographic genius but by their mission.  David DuChemin is one of those.  The first book of his that I read (devoured) was "Visionmongers."  Since then I've picked up many of his e-books, follow him on Twitter and we are "Friends" on Facebook.  His personal vision is to "shoot advocacy and fundraising images for the international nongovernmental organization community."  Marketing himself as a Travel and Humanitarian Photographer, following his passion, David has inspired me and countless others along the way.  

There are other photographers who inspire me on a daily basis.  Two I met via blogging here at the Giraffe Head Tree - Diane Schuller and Bo Mackison.  

I found Diane first through another friend's blogroll.  The name of her original blog drew me in - "Sand to Glass."  From there Diane changed her blog title to Alberta Postcards and now has her own photography business, Diane Schuller Photography.  Her sensitivity toward her subjects, her love of dogs and nature, her clean and beautiful style of writing and unique eye for detail always have me looking forward to her new works. 

Seems the whole earthy, naturally sounding titles always draw me in for that's how I made the acquaintance of Bo Mackison.  Her blog's title, "Seeded Earth," caught my eye and her passion for photography kept me coming back.  She and her "Sherpa" participate in art shows in many places.  This year she spent several months in Tucson, Arizona and completely blew me away with her prose and photos.  We have since become friends.

Closer to home, Alabama has a bevy of fabulous conservation photographers.  One in particular, David Young, is a long time favorite.  David Young Photography captures images of water, and other works of nature, in a truly unique way.  He and a few others, calling themselves conservation photographers, have started a Conservation Photographers of Alabama page on Facebook that I wholeheartedly suggest you check out.  When you have time.  After checking out all the other links that I've provided.

Thank you, inspirational people!  Thank you for helping me once again become excited about the world of photography, sharing your talents and creating such beauty!   


Bo Mackison said...

Awww, Debi! Thanks. :-)

Hilda R.B said...

Beautiful photos. And I think you have right, all the bloggs I got to give me inspiration. Have a nice week to you.

Deborah Carr said...

It never fails to give me chills when I see how inspiration spreads when people follow their dreams. (Just so happens I blogged on something similar today) It's contagious, isn't it? And, my dear, you're quite an inspiration as well. Love the two 'cavorting' moths.

Gaelyn said...

Inspiration is all around us if we open our minds.


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