Saturday, August 27, 2011


I'm having trouble uploading photos to Blogger. The past couple of days the little circle thingie goes 'round and 'round but my photo never uploads. Anyone else having this problem? I'm wondering if it's Blogger OR my network. Thanks for the input.

UPDATE:  There is a "New Editor."  I didn't know that until I scoured the Help forums.  Went to Settings, scrolled down and chose the new editor, hit Save and all is well.  Just so ya'll know.  Sheesh.


Gaelyn said...

I haven't posted much lately. If I have problems I'll let you know.

trav4adventures said...

Mine does that but eventually loads big are your photos? I'm going to try to upload some from hubby's CANON and they are much bigger than my Nikon ones, so I'll see if I can do it or not!!! Could you maybe crop them and then see if they upload or make them smaller??? You can also go to Google Blogger and find the "help" section and read there to see if anybody else has had this problem. GOOD LUCK! Thanks for stopping by!

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Hello ladies! I always make my images smaller via Photoshop - usually 1,000x667 or smaller, depending. And yes, there are lots of people having the same problem, though none of my personal blogging buddies are. Lucky you guys! Hopefully, Blogger will fix the issue soon and I'll post some really cool pics I just took of some butterflies! Have a FABULOUS Sunday - it's beginning to feel fall-ish here - yay!!!


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