Sunday, October 14, 2012

Today's Challenge

Today's challenge:  Clearing out my hoop.

A very, very, very wise woman once demonstrated to me a clear and easy way to think about the effects others have in my life that I ALLOW.  You see, I can be a sponge - soaking in everything, every word, every action made by others and allowing these things to color my world. I take things personally all too often.

It isn't healthy, and for someone entirely too sensitive - like me - it can be very damaging to my body, my soul, my very health.

This wise woman held up two hands full of colorful hoops.  There were yellow ones, pink ones, orange ones, silver ones, blue and red ones, and one green one.  "Choose your hoop," she instructed.  I chose the green hoop.  Green, cause I'm a treehugger.  Not surprisingly.

"Step inside your hoop, so that it surrounds you."  I did as instructed.

"Think of who are closest to you.  Those who have the greatest influence on your life."  Orange for my husband.  Pink for my daughter.  Blue for my father.  Silver for my mother.  Yellow for my sister.  "Demonstrate where they are in your hoop - the more they are inside your hoop, the more they are influencing your emotions, your health."  (Note:  I'm paraphrasing - she said all this stuff much better than I remember!)

I'd been working hard on these relationships for some months.  Most hoops were firmly outside of my personal hoop, but one remained within.  This hoop leaned  up against my legs.  Not good.  This hoop is my biggest struggle.  Fast forward to today. Today, it's practically leaning vertically against my knees. I aim to shove it away.  Granted, I've come a long way.  This particular hoop usually stays outside my own.  Sometimes it is very, very far away.  Today, I have allowed it right back inside my hoop.  It's time to give it an emotional shove.  

It's up to me to bring my mind back around into a more healthy state of being.  Concentrate on myself, my world.  Today, this morning, watching the sunrise on the beach, pelicans and northern gannets flying and swooping, wild waves crashing, this quote came to mind:

"Don't take anything personally.  Nothing others do is because of you.  What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream.  When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won't be the victim of needless suffering."  (Don Miguel Ruiz)

Flashback:  Remember my post about Impressions?  Well, I tend to weigh every word I say, thinking I may damage someone's psyche.  Really?  I don't have that kind of power but perhaps really I'm thinking about how I allow people's words to effect ME, not them.

Don't take anything personally - got it.  Today, that's my mantra, my chant, until I can feel it deep in my soul. No more needless suffering.  I am a strong woman.  I'm going out into nature today to breathe in Spirit. 


Gaelyn said...

Love the hoop idea. A great metaphor for how we allow others to influence us, and not always in a good way.

I hope you will roll that disturbingly close hoop right into the sea and have a marvelous day for you today.

Happy Birthday!

Diane said...

Yes, I agree -- don't take everything others say personally. That is something I've had to learn through the decades but I guess I needed to learn it sooner. Sure, flickers of it show up once in a while but it no longer leads me. Yes, be strong -- you are strong!
Belated birthday greetings too!


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