Tuesday, September 9, 2008

August 19, 2004

The "Y"

Years ago, obviously in 2004, we visited friends in Sevierville, Tennessee. Close to Gatlinburg but away from the craziness of that tourist trap, Sevierville is surrounded by some of the most beautiful landscapes. Rolling hills that we Southerners love to call "mountains" are vast, lush greenery, and the veins of these emerald hills are filled with icy water from deep within. These veins open at various points creating brooks that become creeks that widen to streams that become rapids heading down at breakneck speed toward eternity.
It was there at a mountaintop rapid that we found this steam that's locally called "The Y." Our kids tubed down it, jumped into it, swam in it, but this gal found its magic was truly in the details of the ordinary.
Like the rocks. The rocks of Tennessee are round, fashioned by time, shaped by explosive, frigid waters. While the kids played I left for the side streams, looked down and took this shot. It's been one of my favorites since.
I could stare at it for hours, this photo. Clear, icy waters dappling over rounded multi-colored rocks. My two favorite natural subjects together. Water and stone, colors and magnification - clarity.
If only I could be this clear with my thoughts and dreams, expounding with friends and family, with being a person overall. I've always envied those who know with such clairity where they're from and where they're going. Like this icy steam in the Great Smoky Mountains, they follow their path.


Anonymous said...

What a spectacular photo! I, too, love rocks and being a Pisces, water plays an integral part in many aspects of my life. We all have trouble seeing that path by times, Debi -- goodness knows I still search most of the time. Having a place like your "Y" can help make things clearer, that's for sure.

Daniel Spurgeon said...

Love the photo! It is very dreamlike. The image is very calming.

Michaela said...

Wow. That's stunning.

wcgillian said...

What a great photo. I had to look at it for a minute to figure it out. Love it!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

This is a wonderful photo. I love those streams you find in mountains. I can almost feel the chill of the water. I love the sun light on the rocks.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo! Love the shades of blue.

Deana said...

I go with my family every year to Pigeon Forge, Cade's Cove and Seiverville...this year I must miss it for the first time in 10 years. I am so disappointed. I not only love staying in one big cabin with my nephews and niece but I love the landscapes beauty...you really wrote about it well in this post.

Diane Schuller, photographer said...

this photo should be blown up and hung in a place where it can exude its calm on you. I'd hang this right beside my in my home office so I could see it always.

I too am strongly bonded to water and waterways. Always have been so I truly understand what you describe here. That said, since my mom died I've been flailing ... I still no longer no where I am going ... it used to be so clear but now it's worse than a bank of fog ahead. I love the thoughtful posts of late that really help each of us to contemplate our own realities.

Beautiful post; beautiful photo Debi.



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