Monday, September 15, 2008

October 13, 2003

October is my favorite month of the year. On this day our front walk was lined with Monarch butterflies gorging themselves on blossoms in preparation for their continued migration southward. The air was getting crisp and the Possumhaw berries were already completely scarlet. The Monarchs weren't frightened off easily by observers as they fluttered around us, over us and between us seeking nectar. Each one fed until exhaustion took hold, and then would find a branch and stretch out their stained glass wings to catch the weak sun's rays.
I am the Monarch Butterfly
Avisha N. Sanassie
I am the Monarch butterfly
I am the king of kings
Soaring high on gloden wings
I am the monarch butterfly
Floating high through the air
I am the monarch butterfly
See me soar and glide
I am the monarch butterfly
Only the luky ones will recieve
the long awaited butterfly kiss
I am the monarch butterfly
I am the king of kings


Anonymous said...

what a gorgeous photo Debi and such a vivid description. THank you for this peek into your observation of nature.


jodi said...

Disturbingly, we had no monarchs lay eggs in our garden this year--I think because it was so foggy and wet and nasty so much of the summer, because others who are further inland didn't have any problem at all. So I'm sad about that but glad to see yours.


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