Tuesday, September 2, 2008

November 10, 2004

November 10, 2004 dawned with a vengeance. It was bitterly cold, with a strong wind from the north that cut right through you. There's no friction on the lake, therefore nothing to stop the icy blast except my pitiful excuse for a jacket.

The new condominium wasn't yet completed so I stole to their concrete decking with my Sony Cybershot to watch the show. It was a spectacular sunrise. Swirling clouds looked like tornadoes. The upper level winds must have been tremendous as this morning's play changed acts every few minutes. Deep, bright cobalt sky, violet lake. The Sony did a tremendous job considering it was just a 5.0 megapixel. It was one sweet camera, that Sony.

Flipping through the photos, frame by frame, I'm still amazed at how quickly the skies changed that morning. My hands red, ears aching, I had to leave the lake for the warmth of home and coffee, but it was a "really moment."


wcgillian said...

I sometimes question my choice for a camera. I should have done something simple and easy to carry that takes great photos like this.


The Giraffe Head Tree said...

This particular Sony Cybershot 5.0 wasn't the compact version but large for its type. Still, I loved the tilting lens, which helped me get many a shot I would surely have missed. It had some features the Canon and Nike folks should consider......IMHO, of course! Keep bringing your photos, Randy. I love seeing your work on Random Stone!!!

Nancy J. Bond said...

Spectacular photo and amazing sunset. We get our best sunsets and prettiest skies here in November, I think -- they're always backed up against that ominous charcoal color. :)

I swear, I come to your blog to read your wonderful posts, and end up overstaying my welcome because of Chris Botti! ::sigh:: It's perfect for these sunset photos...reminds me of a glass of wine by the fireplace. :-)

Thanks for your recent visits and comments -- and you know how I love the name of your blog...and the explanation behind it.

I'm off to watch some more of your sunsets..........

Daniel Spurgeon said...

Wow! That is what one would call a cobalt blue sky! Gorgeous shot!

Anonymous said...

Debi, what a great sight for my return to blog-visiting! Your images and writing are always so welcoming. I can just feel how you mention the ears aching -- I know that feeling very well out in the cold.


Blessing Counter said...

It has been a long time since I felt that bitter cold...but ah, I know it well! Your picture here makes me almost miss it...almost!
Love ya!!

Pebbles said...

You write very well.


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