Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So there I was slumped back into the sofa, looking up to the ceiling after another chat with my teenager when the fan and its shadow caught my attention. There were no more words left for the teen so I shot into the air. I hate this fan 'cause it's just ugly and shows every cobweb, but it does cool the house. But, I digress.

Foiled again by the wily lass I schlump back to my lair (office) to log on and check out my blogging buddies. While one teenager disappoints this particular evening another teenager has honored my blog. Michaela at Floodwaters Photography has been a source of inspiration and delight to me since discovering her a few months ago. She is witty and smart and compassionate and extraordinarily talented. That she likes my humble blog just made my night - thanks, Michaela.

Accordingly, I must share this award with seven people whose blogs fill me up with beauty, thought, reflection, or whatever it is that draws me in. There are many blogs that do this for me, yet some that refuse awards, so I thought about it and here's my list.

Rachel at Blue Algae Creative:

I used to lurk at Rachel's blog simply because I felt it too beautiful for any insipid responses from me. Her blog is an artistic masterpiece. The colors she uses appeals to me just like a clear mountain stream. Thanks, Rachel, for creating such a soothing place to visit.

Nancy Bond's blog draws me in every time with her extraordinary photographs and amazing poetry and prose. Her words and images are so vivid that I can feel them deep inside. They warm me softly and create a pool of contentment in my soul. I visit here every day because a day without Soliloquy is a day without sunshine.

Daniel at Nature at Close Range:

I met Daniel last year when he and his wife and 8 kids (you read that right) rented a house across the street while their family home was being repaired after burning. Daniel and I first noticed we loved nature photography, then we discovered we both blogged, and then we found out we were both self-professed Nature Geeks. Daniel and his son Sebastian are particularly close and love exploring nature together. Heck, some of the rest of his brood may be going out with him as well by now! Anyway, Daniel is a walking encyclopedia about birds, bugs, spiders, snakes, fish, and all the etcetera this area offers. Thanks, Daniel for being such fun and I miss you guys being across the street!

Each and every time I visit Lisa's blog I learn something. She outlines so much about her garden and her life, punctuating each post with lovely photographs and heartfelt descriptions. Lisa just did a scrumptious piece about autumn berries that I loved, and she has Jerusalem Artichokes growing in her yard. I envy her backyard and it's lovely blooms. Oh, and I love her dog! Thanks, Lisa, for delighting me every day!

Robin at Robin's Nesting Place:

Robin's macro photos of butterflies and blossoms leave me breathless. Her recent post is about raising black swallowtails on her parsley and fennel, complete with pics of the chrysalis' and the caterpillars and the newly-dried butterflies with wings outstretched. I went through this process last year as well. Robin's blog is a whirlwind of gardening frenzy that I love, love, love and her photos ... as I said ... are indeed amazing! Thanks, Robin, for sharing so much of yourself with us!

Carol at The Blessing Counter:

Carol is a long-time friend who is an amazing wife and mother of four of the bestest kids I've ever met. Carol is a talented writer and photographer and is my spiritual mentor. (she doesn't know that, but I reckon she will now) I met Carol 14 or 15 years ago when I hired her as my assistant at our television station. I tried hard to keep her at arm's length but our friendship and bond was too strong. Today, we remain good friends and always will. She's become quite the blogger and I know you'll love her as much as I do! Thanks, Carol, for being my friend.

Outer Banks Mom is the greenest lady I've ever known. I visit her blog daily for inspiration, information, knowledge, and to get fired up about issues that truly matter. I also visit her blog for cool-o recipes, like the Cilantro Margarita that's amazing! Besides which, Outer Banks Mom lives, obviously, on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. North Carolina is one of my favorite States, period. It's the perfect state with wild, wonderful seashores, tides as wide and long as a summer day, lighthouses and wild horses, waterways and seashells and shrimp boats to the east, and rolling emerald hills, clear mountain streams with glorious rocks and cliffs and rapids and old growth trees to the west. Visiting Outer Banks Mom's blog is like visiting my favorite place....without using any gas..and teaching me what it's truly like to be Green. Thanks, OBM for being there.
DANG! I forgot to put the award in here, so here it is!!!! But putting it in messed with my spacing, drat! Rats! I don't have time to pretty this back up but it's all heartfelt.


Daniel Spurgeon said...

Thanks for the award Debi! And even more for your kind comments!

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Thank you so much for the things you said about my blog, it made my day!
I'll have to check out the other blogs you've mentioned, some I'm familiar with and others I'm not.

Outer Banks Mom said...

OMGsh, thanks! :) I love your blog.

Michaela said...

Jeez! Why do you have to be sweet?! You and Randy keep making a habit of this! And thanks :) I love your blog and I love your creativity and your sunsets. Nice fan!

Anonymous said...

Debi - you really are sweet and I believe that were we to meet IRL, we would find we were definitely kindred spirits! :) Thank you so much for your kind words and for your beautiful self. I'm in the process of doing some code that WP will accept to display my awards and I will put this one at the top, and I will try to pass it along. Thank you so much. :)

Blessing Counter said...

Aw, my sweet friend, you made my day! Thank for you loving me -- and my blog!! You are so dear to me, and I just love you so. Now, do I get to pass this along?!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Dear Debi, I am truly humbled that a great photographer as yourself would enjoy my blog so. Wow, Thank you ever so much for the attention. I love your blog too. I know you and the dreaded teen will come together. Hang in there.

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Nancy, Carol, Daniel, Lisa, Robin and Outer Banks Mom. I've enjoyed your blogs for so long you just deserve the recognition. Michaela - thank you, sweetie!

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Hey guys........don't forget to pick up your award and post it on your site. You deserve it!

Rachel said...

A little late, but I want to thank you so much for including me in this honor. I'm blushing at the thought of it.


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