Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bloom Where You're Planted

There is a very good chance we'll be leaving the lake and my giraffe head tree. Well, we're already kinda gone, but I come back here weekly to do my work since my computer is still here, as are my clothes, my feathers and rocks, my buckeyes and possumhaws, and so on. I'm working hard on blooming where I'll be planted for a bit, if not for the duration. The new place offers a richly shaded yard that's begging for ferns and hostas, hydrangeas and a myriad of shade loving plants. I've never had a shady yard so the challenge will be fun. Maybe.

With the goal of acceptance in mind, I walked outside to explore and see what's what. Because the yard needs lots of work there are a myriad of mushrooms popping up here and there. Enchanted, I began searching for a blue mushroom like the one Daniel found. You can see it at Daniel's Nature At Close Range blog. While a blue mushroom wasn't in the offing that afternoon I did find a wide variety of mushrooms.

This one, above, had a dead mosquito stuck to it. This should have been my first clue. Lying in the moss and grass to get some good angles two immediate obstacles came into play. First obstacle - Baylee. She wanted to help. There's something about a large black dog with huge paws that makes mushrooms quake in fear.

The second obstacle was certainly quieter. More stealthy. The deeper I explored into the wooded lot the more I became aware of unwelcome guests. Mosquitoes. Lots of mosquitoes.

We just aren't bothered by mosquitoes at the lake thanks to nearly constant winds and/or breezes. That, plus the water is deep with a swift current which do not make for a good incubator. We never had mosquito problems at the lake, but as more people began moving in they leave all manner of things out to catch rain water which create ideal places for teeny tiny mosquito nurseries. Even still, mosquitoes are rare so I've gotten out of the habit of preparing for them.

By the time I spied this brilliant red topped mushroom I was swatting and slapping and ranting about the cursed blights. Nasty things, mosquitoes.

I don't have a mushroom book nor time to research these so just enjoy them for what they are. Pretty little mushrooms in a shady backyard. In the meantime, until things settle and I know more, I've been receiving a lot of suggestions for a new blog. Here are a few that made me laugh:

The Subdivision From Hell – Tales from the Dark Side

Reevaluation: Is it Too Late for that Convent in the Alaskan Wilderness?

No Time for Terrapins, Dammit

Suburbia Blows But Not Like the Wind Off the Lake

I rather like the last one! It made me laugh out loud ESPECIALLY after my experience with mosquitoes and mushrooms!!! I wish for you all peace and bliss.


Eve said...

Very funny Debi! That first one made me chuckle!!
Well now, you and me, first time shade gardeners!! We'll have to work together! Just send me a note and I'll be over in a flash. Oh I'm surprised but we don't have many of those nasty bity guys here...yet. We've been out working with the tractor for two nights and no bites!
Hang in there kiddo...

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

Oh my goodness--I didn't realize you were leaving;-( Will you be back?

So sorry for your mosquitoes -- we have them here, too...but not 'too' bad so far this year. My biggest annoyance (and now, fear) is the damn ticks! We get deer around here, and with deer come ticks...and I had no idea just how bad they've been! I have lyme disease now and I think I'm getting a phobia of my yard! The yard from hell...ha ha. Good luck in your new yard!

sebrina said...

These are wonderful!! I love mushrooms!!! Oh btw the new url is

Bird Girl said...

I don't think I've even seen such a variety of mushrooms in my life! And I do appreciate the angles and positioning it must have taken to produce these great pictures! My property is full sun 24/7 - I too...would find a shade garden fun. Maybe ;-)

wcgillian said...

Cool study of fungas. I am glad to see that I am not the only one to slow down on my posts. Kind of feel drained.


Daniel Spurgeon said...

Nice photos of the mushrooms- and thanks for a link to my blog! :) We have many of those same mushrooms in my yard- the brown ones are hard for me to identify. And so are the red ones- and almost all other mushrooms! That is why I hardly every eat any that I pick- they are so tricky to identify.


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