Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pelicans, Redux

I've been MIA - sorry. We've been doing some moving, which is NOT what I want to talk about so instead I'll inundate you all with more pelican photos. Mine are not stellar. They're rather common. I know this because I found some uncommon and fantastic white pelican photos that are a-freakin'-mazing by a gentleman I only know as JCompton. His name is probably in the website somewhere, but goodness what an amazing photographer. It looks as though he's able to get pretty close to a whole bunch of white pelicans. Go straight to the section about beak stretching for a good chuckle and literally jaw-dropping shots. I was searching on-line for pelican anatomy and found Mr. Compton, who was much more entertaining and amusing.

As I said, we've been doing some moving....which I wasn't going to discuss. Fortunately, Life goes on and I had another meeting scheduled at the beautiful Doublehead Resort on Wilson Lake. Alabama. (Not that mega-wilson-lake in Kansas.) Because this was my first fun time in a bit I had to go check out the pelicans. They're doing fine, thank you very much. Pelican #1 was posing on what at first glance seemed to be a log but after closer inspection turns out to be an old tire. So much for pristine, eh? I guess some trash has a purpose. That, and birds are opportunists. It was sticking up just right after all. As a bonus, the tire seemed to be attracting turtles. See the little head below the pelican, to the left? So cute - little pond sliders.

Pelican #2 was waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy far away preening, cleaning his feathers while a great blue heron skulked around behind him. Not long after this shot a few Canada Geese flew in. Bliss. I just sat in the car with the windows down and listened to the peace. So idyllic, so restful, so beautiful. As peaceful and blissful as this setting was, there was no time to spare as work awaited me at home. Hopefully, I'll be back with more adventures soon.


Eve said...

Well Debi, I love your photos and writings just fine! I know I've seen White Pelicans in Florida but would like to get up and see these guys someday. That first photo is a winner.
See you soon!


I love your pelican photos...they are not ordinary! Hope your move is a quick one, I hate moving myself and will be having to here soon. Hope all is well where you are!

Diane Schuller said...

I knew I'd return to such interesting writings and wonderful photos. But, oh my, a move! I hope not far from all this glorious view on nature -- oh and away from the giraffe head tree! I await more and hope you're enjoying life to the fullest.

Bird Girl said...

That first picture is so peaceful and lovely! And I like the second one, too...I spy 3 turtles to the left??? A lot to see in that shot! wonder you don't want to talk about all that work ;-)

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Ah yes! There are three rather sizeable turtles sunning on that large piece of driftwood. Good eye!


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