Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tree Meets Sun!

Yippie Ky Yi YAY!

Eve and I finally had a lunch date after lo these many months of conversing - e-versing, actually! The Mexican restaurant was filled with the locals, and seemingly the entire Emergency Management team whose emergency vehicles ringed the building like horses tied up at the local saloon in a western movie.

These shots were Eve's idea. Both of us are camera shy, preferring to be behind the lens. Hi Eve! After our scrumptious lunch we drove a short way down the road to experience the beauty of The Greenery - gifts and plants and garden goodies. We both were wishing to be independently wealthy from the moment we walked in. Oh, my goodness.

Eve's shot of "her" table is far more artistic than mine, but here it is in all its glory along with Eve! You get a sense of place from this photo. We loved everything we saw, and learned a lot about each other through the experience. For example, I learned that Eve also has a rock collection from various places AND decorates using pretty stones in bowls. So there. I'm not alone.
It was HERE that a photo of some exquisite pear shaped candles were inserted, accidentally deleted, and attempted to reinsert - obviously without success. I'm getting used to a new computer and Vista and I can't figure out how to do it! Dang it! Anyway, we LOVED these cute little pear candles...and one day I'll show them to you!!!

Windchimes of all colors and shapes and sizes.

These candles are gorgeous. This is the table upon which we saw a bowl of polished rocks and discovered our shared love of rocks and a natural, easy decorating "style."
We also fell in love with this Hobbit House neatly arranged on a hytuffeta-whatever planter filled with soft mosses and frilly ferns. Can you see Frodo? I'm not sure why Eve didn't buy this cute little thing - it was only close to $500. LOL!

Toad houses in abundance! I was quite taken by all these cute little houses.

While Eve purchased her plants I wandered amid the beautiful flora.

Eve and I probably stood in the same place to take our photo of The Greenery's front! After hugs and smiles we parted ways vowing to get together again. In fact, she wants to see the lake house before we have to move out - that's a story for later - so expect another Adventures of Debi and Eve post soon.


Eve said...

I've got a big smile on Debi! Kind of like the ones in the pictures...and I think I was a little red in the face too!!
I love seeing your pictures and reading your version of the story. A perfect post as I knew it would be and a great time! Can't wait to get back together soon!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Ha!!! Thank YOU, Debi, for finally being the one to post a genuine decent photo of the elusive Ms. Eve! I've been after her for a while for one of those! :-)
Glad you guys got a chance to meet - it sounds like you two had a blast. You are so lucky to live as close to her as you do!!
-danni in Oregon

The Garden Ms. S said...

An afternoon of smiles and treasures - what a treat!

I lurve those toad houses :)

Daniel Spurgeon said...

Hi Debi- I loved both yours and Eve's blog entries on your meeting up! Ya'll both got some great shots! That Greenary looks like a neat store- but at $500 for the "hobbit house" it sounds as if it is beyond my price range. :) I hope that all is well with you and the rest of your family! School is in full swing here again- so we have been super busy! I'm glad Kayla likes her new school!

Bird Girl said...

Hi Debi - that was so much fun and especially getting to see both yours and Eve's post about your little adventure! How many beautiful things at the Greenery$$$ :-) You two had one excellent adventure and I just loved reading about it and seeing your pictures.
By the way...I really liked Vista and never had any problems. I know everyone under the sun had complained about it - but I thought it was great. Hope you get on to it soon. Change is always a bit frustrating. I'm having some trouble trying to do in Mac OSX what I did with Vista - just different.

Anonymous said...

It looks like a delightful way to spend an afternoon -- both the location AND the company. :)

wcgillian said...

That is some business. Really enjoy those kind of places. Looks like you had a great day Deb.



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