Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Counting Blessings

Randy Cole, my Random Stone buddy, commented recently on how he and I have been unable to post regularly on our blogs. His silence has been primarily due to work assignments while mine has been primarily due to major changes in our family situation. We now own two homes: one on the lake and one in the city. I won't go into the why's and wherefore's here, but suffice it to say that I was the Queen of Denial when it came to leaving the lake house for any length of time. At one point we "knew" we were going to have to sell it, but as of today we now think differently. We are literally taking each day as it comes and dealing with it.

My emotions have swung from depression to anger to sweet oblivion to curiosity. I admit that I've been whining. I hate whining and whiners. Of late my JOB has been to concentrate on recognizing my disease (whining), changing my attitude and finding my gratitude. This morning I'm heading back to the lake house, staying through the weekend. Waking in the softening predawn darkness this morning I began to count my blessings, just like my friend over at the Blessing Counter has always done. So here are my blessings today:

1. At the city house there is a network of streets lined with sidewalks making morning walks with Baylee such a treat. We can go many directions, and we head out knowing our walks will be SAFE as all dogs here are on leashes or in fenced-in backyards. I cannot tell you how much more enjoyable our walks are.

2. Baylee has her own fenced-in backyard!!! She can run and play, and the previous owner left all manner of doggie toys that she inherited....and is annihilating one by one - LOL!

3. Kayla LOVES her new school and her classes. Her former school had 12 students TOTAL in the 11th grade, while her new school has over 400 in her senior class! She loves loves loves the excitement, the energy, the creativity, the studies, everything.

4. We have family and friends close by. Two close couple friends, my dad and step mom, my stepbrothers and their family. And I'm running into all manner of people with whom I used to work so it's been like a reunion.

5. There is a beautiful mountaintop park not ten minutes from our home. We went there Sunday morning for a walk and I took a few photos. (I cannot post photos until I get to the lake house - I'm not set up here to do any photo work) (yet)

6. The Greenway is 5 minutes from our house. One can park in their safe parking lot and walk all the way down to the Tennessee River and back. I intend to do that this autumn and winter and spring - a LOT. When Baylee is ready she'll go with me some of the way. She has a bum leg as you know and can't walk that far.

7. I can schedule my doctor and dentist and other appointments to coincide with my time in the city.

8. The lake house remains and is our vacation home. Driving there I feel the excitement rise up deep within. When I arrive the first thing I do is go out on the deck and breathe deeply.

9. The Giraffe Head Tree is still there, waiting patiently for my return.

There are more blessings but these are big and meaningful to me today. I leave soon for the lake house and will post the mountain park photos, hopefully. Unless I didn't leave them on the flashcard....wait...I think I deleted them. Drat. I'll get the hang of this double duty gig but in the meantime just know that I'm here and will check in as often as I can. I'm behind in my blog reading and miss everyone very much.


Anonymous said...

Debi, I can't imagine a more perfect arrangement. The lake house will come to be all that more special as you look forward to your time there. Good luck with the move and I love your Gratitude List -- something I should write of my own!

Eve said...

I think thoes are all wonderful blessings Debi and I'm happy you've found them!
I went to the Greenway a number of times when we first got here, it is beautiful. We'll have to get together there this fall. When you get back to the city house drop me a line if you get slowed down enough. I'll come flying over and we'll visit!
And DON'T delete your photos!!!!

Blessing Counter said...

Well done, my friend! Blessing counting is always a wonderful way to readjust your attitude and...well...see the blessing that is life! I love you so!!

wcgillian said...

I really love this post debi. It made up for lost time and I have a new understanding of what is going on. I may have to try Blessing Counters advise as well.


Diane Schuller said...

You see Debi, this truly was a blessing in disguise. Doors open, windows open, and there is such an abundance to embrace in those new beginnings and new experiences. Blessed are you and yours. 'nuff

Daniel Spurgeon said...

Thanks for sharing your blessing counts with us, Debi. I have been crazy busy with work assignments too- so my blogging has had to wait- I did get a chance to go camping at Desoto State Park this past weekend- so that was great- I'll blog about it when I get a chance. I'm glad that Kayla likes her new school. The kids are all back in school here to- so everyone is scurrying around, busier with activity!


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