Saturday, September 5, 2009

Burritt Museum

My sister-in-law and brother-in-law just left after a wonderful, joyous, fun visit. Being around them is like a breath of fresh air. Lengthy stays in Great Britain and Europe make them vastly interesting people with which to talk. They love books and museums and prefer not to let the grass grow under their feet. Very active, they drive all over visiting their kids and family and love touring the area, discovering quirky shops. While here Mort added to his magnet collection, which I discovered now totals over 3,000. Good heavens! This visit was going to be short so after the obligatory book store visits we trundled up Monte Sano Mountain to visit Burritt Museum.

The history of the Goldsmith-Shiffman family was on display this trip, which was vastly interesting. The usual exhibits of local history and that of the Burritt's were of interest as well. If you find yourself interested please visit the Burritt Museum's website. For this post I just want to give you a sense of place. Above is the hubby, his sister Linda and bro-in-law Mort. Linda is a breast cancer survivor, having completed her chemo and radiation this summer. Her hair is beginning to grow back and she proudly sports her stylish short "do!"

Mort loves a good gift shop, as do Linda and I. Oh, my heavens this shop was scrumptious. I was good and didn't buy anything, but spotted this book with Baylee's double on the cover! She was with us in spirit!

These two wedding dresses were on display. Exquisite!

Dr. Burritt designed this unusual mantel. Local sandstone cut by a local artisan in what Dr. Burritt says is a Bald Eagle design. One really has to use one's imagination, but I think it beautiful nonetheless.

After the museum and mansion tour we walked outside to the Living Museum. Various cabins were moved on the grounds in order to preserve them, and the Museum added living exhibits of life on a colonial farm. There were Shetland ponies, goats, sheep, chickens and various and sundry other creatures one could pet. There were weaving exhibits, blacksmith exhibits and gardens. Burritt sells local honey in the gift shop. Again, check the website for details, but these are some of my favorite shots.

A rusted bucket graces a twig fence.

Rusted pails and kindling.

My favorite - a spinning wheel.

One of the museum volunteers demonstrates spinning on the wheel. I used to weave and find this process absolutely fascinating.

Leaving the Living Museum we walk to the pavilion and scenic overlook. The light was terrible for photographing the view, but the entire city stretched beneath us.

Back inside the gift shop while waiting for Mort to buy his magnet I spotted this chicken and thought of Eve. Eve - you and Morgan would love this museum!!! Hey, if anyone goes or calls - talk to Judy and tell her I sent ya. Super lady who gave us lots of great advice before our visit!


Eve said...

Oh I do love that chicken Debi! That is on my list for places to visit now! I have found out that some of the plants here on my property were purchased there so I'd heard of it. Thanks for the great tour and wonderful pictures! I love the rusty pail on the fence!
I'm off to visit the website....

The Garden Ms. S said...

Lovely photos.

Those wedding dresses are exquisite. A bride would have felt truly special in one of those :)

wcgillian said...

I really like the shot of the spinning wheel. Book worthy!


Daniel Spurgeon said...

That looks like a very interesting place. I liked the Eagle mantle- although it does require a little imagination to see the eagle. I thought that it was Baylee on that book cover! I'm glad you clarified that it was a Baylee double! I hope all is well with you and yours!


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