Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mooresville, Alabama

Another town I visited during my recent walkabout/driveabout was the historic town of Mooresville, Alabama. Mooresville is the first town incorporated by the Alabama Territorial Legislature on November 16, 1818. (I ripped that little piece of information right off their website) I've enjoyed visiting this town since I was a child. Nestled in a beautiful wooded area between Madison and Decatur, Mooresville is an active, working town. The architecture here is astounding. Some call it the "Williamsburg of the South." Driving in I noticed signs warning that photographers need a permit so I drove straight to the historic Post Office for information.

The lady there was very nice, gave me a permit application and granted me permission to take a few images since I was already there and assured her I wouldn't be selling them. She didn't ask me about blogging but I think this is okay.

I go gaga over old churches so my first image capture was of the Old Brick Church. Built in 1839 the front sports gorgeous columns covered with stucco. The bricks are made by hand. Inside is the original reed, or pipe, organ made in 1905. It's been a community church, Presbyterian, Methodist and once served as a Baptist mission. The United Methodist Church conducted a deconsecration service and passed ownership to the town October 1994. (another website diddy)

Instead of a cross the steeple supports a large wooden hand pointing to heaven. This is not the original hand. According to the website a replacement was carved and placed on the steeple during a ceremony in May 2005.

Down the road a piece is the Church of Christ. It was originally built in 1854 as the Disciples of Christ meeting house. General James A. Garfield, our 20th President of the United States, preached here in 1863.

Starlings flew past as I grabbed some images. There are many historical properties in Mooresville, each one just as beautiful as the next. The Mooresville Post Office is fascinating, being the oldest operational post office in the state of Alabama. I didn't get a photo of it or anything else that day out of respect for the nice lady who allowed me to take a few "snapshots" of the town. Check out the Mooresville, Alabama website for more details. They have walking tours and really gussy up at Christmas. I'll go take more photos then because I learned through the permit process that regular ole photographers like me do not have to have a permit. Dang...and the sugar maples were JUST RIGHT that day!!! Mooresville .... I'll be back!


Eve said...

There are so many neat places to see here Debi. I love that first photo. Look like it's right out of a magazine. Thanks for taking us along.

Anonymous said...

The hand pointing up is pretty cool. Loved seeing the photos of your trip. Its wonderful to get out at this time of year when all is in flux and transitioning before our eyes and your camera lens. Its wonderful to be a free explorer.

Daniel Spurgeon said...

Really, really nice images that you captured in Mooresville! I too like the steeple with the birds flying past!


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