Monday, November 9, 2009

What's in a name?

(Photographer unknown)

I've signed up for Google Analytics which provides endless fascination every morning over coffee. The Giraffe Head Tree blog is one of the sites I registered, more out of curiosity than anything else. This morning's coffee survey was most humorous! The Giraffe Head Tree is, as you all know, a special Shagbark Hickory on the bank of our lot overlooking the lake. Read this post to know why the tree is special and why my blog is named after it.

At that time, as a blogging newbie, I never ever thought of people searching the Internet for various data. Here are the top keyword searches that brought people to my blog:

Giraffe favorite tree
Giraffe Head
Giraffe tree favorite
giraffe's favorite tree
"head tree"
first giraffe pictures in 1800
giraffe hug tree
giraffe in a tree
giraffe murrini
giraffes what tree do they love
photography don't tree out of head
picture with people standing and heads formed into trees artist
round head tree
tree in head

My heavens. Googling those same phrases myself I found that none of those people found what they were looking for, I'm afraid.

The number one keyword search was "Gardening Blogs Alabama." Thank heavens I'm a member of Blotanical 'cause someone found me! LOL!

Why did you name YOUR blog as you did?


Gaelyn said...

It is funny to see what people have searched to find your blog. I use lijit and Feedjit and am sometimes amazed anyone could trip upon me by the words they search for.

I've used the name geogypsy for years thinking of earth traveler, which I'm trying to be.

I like your giraffe head tree.

wcgillian said...

That is pretty interesting stuff.

Eve said...

Morning Debi! That's quite interesting! I remember sitting in front of the computer getting ready to start a blog after only looking at two in my life. I knew I wanted it to be a garden, bird, photography blog that it was sunny and funny. The name just hit me and that was that.
I found yours by going onto my profile page (that was before I moved to Alabama as you know), I typed in "Alabama" in my interests and then clicked on it. I surfed through and found you! I'm so happy I did! The best surf ever!

Eve said...

OH and what a fun, cool new header!!!
PS mom arrived with a smile on her face, we're busy but soon things will slow down. Good luck with your projects ahead and send me a note when your all finished up.

Kitty said...

I love your blog and the fact that you are from Alabama makes it even better! My family is from Roanoke AL. Unfortunately I am stuck in Virginia! Haha

I have nominated you for an award at my blog! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I chose Walking In Stillness as a sort of Indian like Name that shows the state of Being that I would like to step into. It is a goal and ongoing aspiration.

Natural Moments came from my endeavour to capture Natural Moments in Nature through photography, with the abitlity of being accepted by the infinite circles that Nature provides. The goal is to not to be a visitor in Nature but to become One with Nature where fear can be transcended and new friends through trust and openness can be made.

inadvertent farmer said...

I named it because I didn't set out to be a farmer. I get a lot of people searching for information on camels...who does that?


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