Sunday, November 1, 2009


I had Bo on my mind the other day during my walkabout. She had taken the most striking photo of Middle Earth in the form of the mossy hillside base of a tree's winding roots, it's stout trunk proudly rising from the middle. That photo lives within me - it is so beautiful. Bo has a particularly gifted sense of imagery and I encourage you all to visit her blog, Seeded Earth, when you can, if you haven't already.

During my walkabout through tree-lined paths, along riverbanks and shorelines, sheltered from winds by the canopy overhead I found myself looking for similar sights. Where was my Middle Earth here, along this rocky shoreline?

These tree roots may not be as green and mossy,but I found them very interesting. The Tennessee River shoreline is rocky and strewn with leaf litter, fishing lures and fish bones.

Roots of hackberry, maple and a variety of trees have made their way here. Their roots wind and twist and turn, over rocks and through the leaves down into the sandy soil making wonderfully intricate patterns above the earth.

There are no hillsides for hobbit holes but I'm thinking goblins might like it here.

Peekaboo! Do you see the goblin? They're very good hiders, goblins are. Skilled at camouflage it's difficult to spot them among the twisted system.

The roots look like lightning bolts zigzagging across the fallen leaves. I bid goodbye to the goblin roots and look forward to a return visit when the American White Pelicans come later this year.


The Garden Ms. S said...

Perfect goblin hidey spots - love them!

Eve said...

Why I believe I see that Goblin Debi! But I would be more worried that was a Dragon Tail than a bolt of lightning!! A day in the life of a certain kind of Hobbit can be quite treacherous!

Daniel Spurgeon said...

Very cool. I especially liked the last 2 photos. Roots do make interesting abstract shapes!

Bo Mackison said...

Thanks, Debi. Your words are most kind. I love the Middle Earth qualities of these gnarled tree trunks and roots. Nature's mysteries as gifts.

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Thanks everyone for your kind comments. SOME comments were accidentally deleted so if you left one please return and tell me so I can say Thank You again! It's been a long, long, long, long coupla days!


wcgillian said...

Lighter fluid for ones imagination!

Gaelyn said...

Oh my, what a delightfully green place for all the little people. I saw a few peeking out from their hidding places amongst the knarled roots. Excellent captures. What a dreamy place to get lost in you mind.


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