Friday, November 13, 2009

Pause for the Cause

Hi folks. I'm in a hotel in Illinois. We traveled up I-65, dodging copious huge trucks and wacky drivers to settle in the Land of Lincoln until Monday. My blog will be updated as I can but currently I've no way to post photos.

We are attending a Bar Mitzvah on Saturday. For the uninitiated, a Bar Mitzvah celebrates a boy becoming a man in the eyes of the Jewish community. I'm sure I've said that completely wrong since I'm not Jewish, but that's my layman's wording. This is my second such event and I'm looking forward to it. What these boys (and girls in the case of a Bat Mitzvah) do to prepare for these celebrations is mind-blowing - to me, anyway.

When I return I'll post some photos and stories and probably even tell you something important. We'll see how it all goes. In the meantime be good and take care of each other and of our earth.


Gaelyn said...

Have a great time.

Anonymous said...

In some cultures, boys put their lives on the line to prove that they have crossed an invisible barrier into adulthood. In others, they take their minds on a journey into the astral and beyond to see a greater picture of the dream worlds. There are indeed many marvelous ways to express to the world that one is working towards manifesting their soul purpose in life.

Eve said...

Good luck on your adventure and have fun Debi. I'll be looking forward to hearing all about it. See you later!

Daniel Spurgeon said...

I've never been to a Bar Mitzvah. It sounds like fun! I hope that you have a great time!


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