Saturday, February 20, 2010


Now that Life is beginning to turn back to "normal," whatever that is (!), the ole camera has been dusted off and actually being used again. (Hubby is doing very well now - thank you all for your kind comments, thoughts and prayers - it worked!) This weekend promises to be lovely and I intend to take a road trip and do some shooting. In the meantime, all my blogging buddies have inspired me to peek outside into my own backyard to see what's flying around.

To my surprise, I've an abundance of white crowned sparrows. A yellow-shafted flicker visited, and a hawk was high above in a nearby tree. I spied a nuthatch clambering up a tree, and a downy woodpecker clambering down another. Tons of house finches and robins, a cardinal couple and a sweet little chickadee. I need my friend Eve to come walk with me and identify the gazillion songbird calls that I hear but cannot ID - she's a master of auditory identification. This cute little mockingbird landed on the patio and posed for about 10 minutes, completely unaware of Baylee on the other side of the glass and me with my camera and zoom lens.

This sweetie was so close that I got some good shots of him. However, I'm hating the nasty patio background that desperately needs power washing. Thankfully, I can hide the ugliness of my patio with a gentle texture applied as a layer then softened, followed by masking off some of the layer from atop the bird. This improves this photo immensely by my way of thinking and adds a dreamy quality. Playing with textures has saved my sanity of late and I owe it all to a genius by the name of Jerry Jones.

Recently I've discovered and been inspired by Jerry, who sits blissfully within his Shadowhouse Creations joyfully creating masterpieces. His FREE textures have opened up a new world for me, and they can do the same for you. Jerry's textures are diverse and stunning, rich and various. The colors are amazing. How does he DO what he DOES? I dunno, but I'll be eternally grateful for his talents that he so generously shares. In today's dog-eat-dog world Jerry Jones is a refreshing departure from "business as usual." Jerry is gracious and humble - this post might even embarrass him - a simple Thank You suffices as payment to Jerry. We all know that comments feed our blogging souls, and when someone gives so much of himself it's the very least we can do. Link from this post by clicking on Shadowhouse Creations or from my blog roll. Tell Jerry I sent ya.


Bo Mackison said...

Love this little bird. And the background certainly adds - a real compliment to the texture creator. I'll check out his site, for sure.

And glad hubby is well, and life is back to - what ya call it? - normal! Ha!

Blessing Counter said...

I love this Mockingbird -- Mississippi's state bird, ya know?! Can't wait to show my kids! You amaze, my friend! Tell Hubby I am so glad he is feeling better. You and I MUST talk!!

Eve said...

Not sure I'm a master Debi but what I don't know we'll figure out together! It's the best way to learn! I love the Mockingbird, you did a great job with help from Jerry. I'll go visit his site. It is a beautiful day, you enjoy, get creative, and breath that spring air!

Robin's Nesting Place said...

I sure miss the mockingbirds. I caught a glimpse of one in my yard this winter and hoped it would stay, but I've yet to see it again.

I've never tried textures. With so many of them you have to have Photoshop. I only have Elements, and rarely even use it anymore.

I'll have to look up Jerry at Shadowhouse Creations.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to have feathered friends that enjoy our company.

I like listening to the bird songs too. They have certainly alot to say with differing inflections to emit different feelings.

Di said...

Hi GHT, so happy all is back to normal. Thanks for posting the mockingbird. Can't say I have ever seen one and especially in our garden. Isn't it amazing the kinds of birds right outside our windows? Have a great weekend.

blog with no name said...

You know if that bird don't sing, you get a diamond ring? Nice shot!

jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

Glad hubby is doing better, Debi. We don't have mockingbirds here so I'm delighted to see yours.

Gaelyn said...

Very glad you hubby is feeling better and things get back to normal. What is Normal anyway?

Cute little bird and love what you did to the background. You've listed many of the same birds I see here in AZ.

Have a fun and safe roadtrip.

The Garden Ms. S said...

What a sweet little fellow! Your background is dreamy.

I recognized my first nuthatch this summer as he ran down a tree. I had never seen such a thing before. Birds are so cute!

Enjoy your road trip! :)

Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

I do like what you have done to the image of the bird - because it is so subtle - but brings the image to life.

I also like Shadowhouse creations.

So happy to hear that Hubby is back and doing well.

Have a great road trip


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