Friday, February 19, 2010

Project - Light Tent

My new light tent

I've been wanting a light tent but after doing a little research it became apparent that finding a reasonably priced light tent was out of the question. Then, I stumbled on a Do It Yourself project posted on the Internet. Vowing to save $100 I printed out the instructions and went shopping. The article with instructions can be found here. Full credit goes to Jeffrey Bail at the Digital Photography School's forums. Simply link above to read the full article, with photos!, and a complete list of instructions. I found it easy to do - and I'm not the crafty/buildy sort at all!

Above is the finished product complete with object to be photographed. Said object is my new friend, a stuffed American White Pelican whom I have named Sumner. Sumner because he has that tuft of white hair on top of his head that's all sticky-up, just like Sting! Sting's growing-up name was Gorden Sumner...hence...but I digress. Sumner has been patiently awaiting his introduction to my blogging friends but his mom - that would be me - kept forgetting to purchase one thing or another thus delaying his debut.

The box was a nearly square 16"x18" Home Depot Box. Supplies included Bristol board, one large piece of cold-pressed watercolor paper (only because no one had larger sheets of Bristol board), masking tape and a clamp light. I also purchased a 100 watt Eco-friendly DAYLIGHT bulb to use, but think I need to go back for either more lighting or a higher watt bulb. I bought a box cutter only because I didn't have one but most folks have them lying around.

The clamp light is currently clamped onto the chandelier hanging over the dining table but somewhere in this house I have a light stand. It's just a matter of finding it, but in the meantime this will suffice. It's totally light and portable and was easy-peasy to do! Even for ME!

This is the first photo. Sumner's a little dark, which of course can be brightened in Photoshop. But I wanted you to see the first photo straight out of the camera. Oh, I did crop it because you could see the sides, but that's 'cause Sumner's a big boy.

This box is great for people who want to photograph products for their website (greeting cards, framed photos, whatever) and for folks who want to photograph wares to sell on E-bay. It was certainly cost effective. I'm happy with the results and wanted to share with you all. Do check out the link if you're interested. Again - it's here.


inadvertent farmer said...

Great job! I wonder if I could fit the camel in one, snort!

So does your daughter still want to work in a bowling alley? Kim

blog with no name said...

What a great idea. It softens the light so you can see things better. Wonder if I could get my birds to sit still long enough?

Eve said...

Wow Great job Debi! I think this is going to work and I'm glad now that I can see it in the to speak! Sumner is quite a dapper fellow too! I'm looking forward to seeing more of the photos that come from this handy work. Thanks for the tips and links!

The Garden Ms. S said...

Very cool. I bet these could be quite expensive if you were to purchase one ready made.

Oh, and Sumner is just adorable!! (I see the resemblance!)

Gaelyn said...

Hey this is very clever, and you built it yourself. Who says you're not crafty. Sumner is a cutie.

Blessing Counter said...

Look at you go! Wow!! Do you think I could build one big enough for my crew to fit?? :) You never cease to amaze me! Love from the desert!

Anonymous said...

That did work out pretty well. It's fun to see the the white pelican work so well in relationship to its white background. I guess any colour could work as well as white to match the subject.

Nice job...should be fun having your own miniature studio.

Daniel Spurgeon said...

Great job, Debi and thanks for passing along that idea! I need to make one of those as well for the extreme closeup insect photography to help with some of the shadows I was having.

wcgillian said...

I like this idea Deb. Good info.


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