Monday, April 12, 2010

Breathe Deeply

This morning I wrote a lovely post about a day trip that my mom and I made last week. The post was informative and fairly lengthy with lots of photos, several being mosaics that I created in Photoshop.

Twice I tried posting today. Twice my posts were rejected. I'm a slow learner. Apparently Blogger won't accept posts that were written in Word then copied and pasted into the Compose section. That's all I can figure out. I kept getting ERROR! messages in big red letters in regards to some HTML stuff. Obviously, I'm not an HTML expert.

So, I am quitting today. All the photos that I posted will be deleted they say, which will take about 24 hours. It's been a little frustrating. I'll try later this week with the thought that it'll be good to let the bad energy and karma disappear with the images and start anew on another day.

In the interim, please enjoy these little pics as "teasers" for an upcoming post. I promise it'll be a good one! Pray it'll "stick" next time. This will at least give me time to go catch up with everyone. I'm logging off and plan to sit outside in my shady backyard for a few minutes and .... breathe deeply. It's only a blog after all.


Gaelyn said...

You're right, only a blog post, but still very frustrating.
I've always written in Word and copy/pasted into blogger. Until I got the Netbook where I use Live Writer. And it gave me grief the other day.
Just blame blogger.
We'll love the trip with your Mom post any time. Enjoy the beautiful day!

Bo Macksison said...

Only a blog, yeah, but still frustrating.
Glad you had a great trip with your mom though, how wonderful she is there for those trips with you, and the next post will be a grea tone for sure.

BTW, love the bunches of flowers in these photos. Your seasons are SO far ahead of ours!!!

Jenny said...

AW! Sorry about your frustrating time with blogger. I empathise!!! I was having trouble with my headers a while back until I figured out how to get around it. I'll look forward to the next post then.....deep breathes in a shady backyard sounds good to me! (-:

Eve said...

sorry you had to go through that today Debi. I hope you enjoyed your sit. Do you have a hummingbird feeder out? The hummers always make me smile no matter what brings me down!
Love the photos...can't wait to see more. Something to look forward to when you get the time to finish.
Slow down. Breath!

Bird Girl said...

Oh these blogs can really get to ya when they don't work properly ;-) Yes! Take a deep breath and start fresh another day! I love how this stream meanders with the Alabama Glade Cress following along - lovely!


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