Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Flings with Eve, Part 1

I'm late to this party thanks to the continuing flooring project from hell. Even as I type hubby wants me to help him move furniture so this'll be quick. "When you have time I need some help," has become my least favorite sentence in Life as it's said entirely too much. However, I've declared this a No Whine Zone so here we go with a wonderful memory that's too late in being reported.

You've already read Eve's accounting of our lunch together last week. While waiting for the cafe to open we were mesmerized by the scads of carp in all shapes, sizes and colors. Some were as large as the Canada Geese - no lie!

Carps swirling in a ballet of their own making.

When the cafe opened we started with marinated olives! Oh. My. Goodness.

"Wine, madam?" Why, yes....please.

Two individual pizzas were shared and we both declared the winner as the Mona Lisa - arugula, pears, caramelized nuts and bacon on an herbed olive oil base. Oh. My. Goodness.

A leisurely after-lunch stroll was the ticket to "burn off" our wonderful lunch! This is Big Spring International Park in downtown Huntsville. The bridge was donated long ago by Japan. I'll give you more data later as hubby is getting impatient.

I fell in love with the black duck, who has beautiful iridescent feathers!

The magnolia leaves fallen to the ground create fascinating patterns and colors.

I found this on a tree. Most likely made of bubble gum. How sweet, eh? A perfect ending to a perfect day...which wasn't quite finished! Eve and I have had more adventures which you'll all be reading about soon. We have had SUCH FUN exploring and laughing and sharing stories! Happy Spring, everyone!!!

(........I'm coming already!)


Di said...

Debi, fine time indeed! it all sounds delicious, and the yellow Koi are so beautiful. It looks like Spring has arrived for you. Have a great one.

Bird Girl said...

Debi - ya made me laugh right out loud I know full well the sound of that sentence you hate (haha)! My favorite picture is the Japanese donated bridge. What a wonderful angle - I LOVE IT! And the black duck is so perfectly exposed in that sun to see all those colors - bravo! And last...I have to say...only YOU could find a pink bubble gum heart on a tree - good eye!

Eve said...

Get to work!!! hahaha!
I loved this day Debi. Your photos are perfect! I never saw that green on the duck, wonderful catch on your part! Now I can't wait to see more!

The Garden Ms. S said...

What a lovely day out! A delectable lunch and a stroll in nature - perfection!

Lythrum said...

I'm glad that you had a wonderful day. :)

kendalee said...

I hadn't read Eve's account so I thoroughly enjoyed this - sounds like you had a ball!

Hope the furniture moving went well :)


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