Thursday, April 29, 2010

White Flower

I've been away again, traveling hither and yon, neglecting blog and yard and house cleaning (yay!!!). When I returned today I found this rambling shrub along the fence in our backyard covered in four-petaled white flowers.

The shrub has no thorns and seems to be vase-shaped, kinda like a forsythia. It's quite tall, towering over my head. Then again, I'm rather vertically challenged measuring a little over 5'2".

If I'd had a brain I would'a gotten a photo for you of the leaves. If the flowers don't give you an idea of the variety I'll go back out there but for now I'm too lazy to do that.

As previously stated, flowers have 4 petals but I've spied a couple of rabble-rousers with 3 petals and one with 5 petals.

Whatever, it's really pretty. There's no scent. Sweat bees seem to love cozying up to the little pollen holders in the middle. Stamens, right? Would you believe that I'm a Master Gardener? I should know that stuff. Or look it up before posting. That's what Google is all about.

Here's a lovely little trio. Anyone have a clue what this is? I'm sure it's something common - why else would it be here? Then again, I've discovered a Chinese Fringe Tree - I'll post pics of that soon. Now THAT has a lovely scent! Please leave a comment if you know what this lovely is. Thanks mucho grando!


Gaelyn said...

I don't know but it sure is pretty.

Bird Girl said...

Gee, I have no clue what this shrub could be. I'm sure I've not seen any in PA. The flowers are so nice! I especially love that trio shot!

Bo Mackison said...

What a lovely blossoming tree. Reminds me of the crab apples we have in Wisconsin, but that's got 5 petals, so really no clue. I love the photo where the stamens are in profile. Stunning!

Deborah Carr said...

Sometimes it's better to have no just appreciate it for what it is. Stunning. Pure. Perfect.

Eve said...

Some friend I am Debi! I don't know either, but I think I've met someone who would know...we must go a-venturing!!
I LOVE the trio!!

Daniel Spurgeon said...

Very pretty, Debi! I don't know what that flower is either. "But a rose by any other name would still be as sweet". For me, its the flowers that I can't identify that usually stick in my memory the longest- solely due to the mystery and challenge of the identification. I hope all continues well with you and yours! :)

chasity said...

it's beautiful..i was a gardener for a living and can't come up with the name sooooo....when you do find out~ i would love to know!

great photos of this pretty nameless shrub anyway :)

Carroll said...

Debi, it looks like English Dogwood.

joey said...

Your photos are truly lovely.

Anonymous said...

I think it is a mock orange. I saw some on the way to the gym this morning and stopped to smell them. I was disappointed because they had no fragrance at all. It may have been due to the time of day or just an odorless cultivar.


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