Friday, May 7, 2010

Random Big Yawn Blog

My road trip pelican loving twinnie from the lake came up with an ID for the white flowers! Mockorange, or English Dogwood! Check out this link for more information. Carroll said her grandmother had one growing near her back door in Hattiesburg. Well, this is so great! My curiosity satisfied I went outside to take more photos of it and in doing so found another one further down the fence. They've been named Bess and Hattie. Thanks, Carroll!

Pollen, pollen everywhere. Pollen, pollen in my hair. Pollen, pollen up to THERE! My heavens. It's no wonder we can't breathe and/or see. Even my lovely English dogwood (this would be Bess) is giving me fits.

But isn't Bess beautiful? Hattie is just as pretty, btw.

So I went to the rose garden. This poor, scraggly yellow rose bush is blooming profusely with gorgeous blossoms. Their scent carries all the way into the backyard.

It seems all I have time to do these days is run into the backyard and take a few macro shots. I've not had time for road trips, even having to cancel a planned trip to the NE of Alabama this week. Flooring projects, leaky roofs and fireplaces, keeping dogs in rooms and other huge projects are sucking up all my time. Sadly, that means my blog has been completely neglected. I've nothing worth blogging about. Well, that's not entirely true but I'm not ready to post about certain things just yet. Therefore, this post is completely random, writing about just stuff and trying to make it at least pretty with some pics.We found this cool caterpillar on my car window. My books continue to be packed away. Any clue what this fella is going to become? I left him to amble on his way.

This cheeky, tiny spider was ambling along atop another car window. I think he's rather cute.

That's kinda it, folks. It's been a Random Big Yawn Blog but I wanted you all to know that I'm still here .... just mired in the muck of Every Day Stuff. Happy Spring!


Anonymous said...

I don't think your blog entries are ever "yawny" (not to be confused with Yanni, of course). :) We used to have a huge mock orange bush on a former property -- their scent is intoxicating, unless you have allergies, and you'd probably find it a bit overwhelming. They do smell heavenly.

Bo Mackison said...

Your every day spring looks mighty pretty. Love all that pollen. Wow!

Bird Girl said...

Well, if this is a are one of the best 'yawners' (is that a word;-) I know . Nothing boring about this post! I LOVED the big picture of the mock orange and that is one shrub I've always wanted to add to my yard!It is really old fashioned and quite lovely! You are so funny naming always make me laugh. When you named my warbler Sumner - I just laughed out loud! And what is even funnier - now I look at those pictures and think he does look like a Sumner :-)
Ya made the caterpillar look like a wonderfully designed creature and the spider is indeed a cutie! Great little post - no yawns here ;-)

The Garden Ms. S said...

Love that yellow rose! Not yawn-y, just a relaxing visit to your blog. Happy spring to you! :)

Eve said...

This was a good rambling post Debi! may want to introduce that spider to the caterpillar....He looks to me like one that would eat everything you own. Now maybe I'm just a little caterpillar fobic...but as we were coming up to our mountain I noticed a number of defoliated trees on the side of the hill...reminds me of here. Boo hooo!! That spider is s cutie tho! Love the new kids on the block too.
See ya Sooooon!!

Steve Borichevsky said...

We have lots of pollen in the air too! Ah-choo!

The spider is pretty cool. Looks like he has all eyes on you!

Daniel Spurgeon said...

I love the photo of the white flower with the piled up yellow pollen on its petal. It looks like yellow artists paint ready to be crushed and used in a painting. Very nice!


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