Saturday, April 4, 2009

150 Year Old Dogwood

This week I've been attending the Alabama Master Gardeners Conference in Huntsville, Alabama. The conference began Thursday, the same day the horrid weather moved in. Before it did, we all were able to take a tour of Huntsville Botanical Garden. And, for the 3rd year in a row I stumbled upon the 150 Year Old Dogwood in full bloom. My buddy, Carroll, is to the right which gives you an idea of scale.

Both sides filled with huge blossoms. I'm off to attend the last day but had to leave you with a little eye candy for your weekend.



John Riutta said...

What a superb tree!

Anonymous said...

A heavenly experience. It's just amazing how they can put so much energy into this beautiful display. I hope you learned lots at the conference.

Daniel Spurgeon said...

Lovely. This is getting to be a tradition on your blog! I believe that you posted pics of it last year too! I need to make a trek to the Huntsville Botanical Gardens sometime.

Anonymous said...

what a magnificent tree when in full bloom, or otherwise. I love the shape. I believe you shared images of this amazing tree last year -- thank you for the perfect encore!


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