Monday, April 20, 2009

Sky Paintings

Sunday. I'd spent the day in town with my best friend celebrating her birthday despite torrential rains and thunderstorms. We had a lovely time and the drive home was dicey and slow thanks to standing water, water flowing over roadways, flooding and hail. Pulling into the driveway the sun broke through the clouds, blue skies dimming in the sunset. I ran in to see the family and leashed Baylee for her walk.

I was astonished by the westward clouds. It was as if a horizontal tornado was twisting and turning slowly in the sunset. Dark clouds beneath and above and to the north, this sunset tornado was golden and apricot and saffron in the winds. I ran in to get my camera as the show was beginning to fade. Baylee had to wait.

I'm no meteorologist but this sure looked like some of interesting weather phenomena.

It was as though the clouds themselves were raining particles of themselves as they twisted and turned.

The sunset spotlighted the extravaganza.

This only took about five minutes.

It occurred to me just how like the Eagle Nebula this phenomena appeared to me. Sideways and lighter and closer, but no more amazing and awe-inspiring.

This sight appeared to be so much like those of the Hubble telescope that has captured countless images of cloudy miracles in deep space.

So beautiful. So etherical. So inspiring. I feel so insignificant.

The eastern clouds and storms wanted me to notice them, too.

Downloading and uploading these sights, I'm also reminded of sea creatures - Chambered Nautilis and Sea Sponges, Squid and ocean waves and all many sea creatures Jacques Cousteau never identified in his day but showed us in film.

Sea and Space, Earth and Clouds and Water...all combined under the title "Nature," or "Cosmos" or "Universe." It matters not.

I'm almost without speech when I see these amazing cloud formations. As much as I love trees, and I do, not being able to see the sky's sunrises and sunsets would take away much of my joy.

A friend of mine admonished my blog for being random, but I swear to you I cannot think of one reason to stick to only one subject when there is so much beauty in this world. So random I shall remain and I hope that's okay by you. If not, I'll miss you but shall continue to enjoy the random beauty of this world while I can.


Gail said...

Incredible sky shots...really spectacular...gail

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Beautiful pictures! We have some amazing skies here in Indiana. I'm often blown away by what I see.

keewee said...

I love to take pictures of the sky too.
You sure got some great shots of interesting cloud formations, and the colors are so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Your blog isn't random. Your blog is you and that is always a good thing. Your cloud photos are indeed minature nebulas in our own atmosphere. So beautiful in so many ways.

Daniel Spurgeon said...

Hi Debi! We sure get some scary weather in the spring, don't we? The cloud photos are neat. And they are hard to capture in a photography because of their immense size- I have terrible luck at trying to capture the emotion that I feel just seeing their rich textures, complex shapes, and the many gradients of reds and yellows that wash over them. You, however, don't seem to have a problem capturing them. Ah, life on the river. It must be nice! :)

Liara Covert said...

Nothing is random. Nebulae are phenomena that remind human beings portholes exist like wrinkles in time and space. Perception does not begin to permit a person to glimpse reality as it is. Each being experiences a gradual process to reconnect to the source.

Eve said...

Random is the way to go Debi! I love these beautiful cloud shots. Wonderful!

wcgillian said...

Awsome Debi, just awsome!


Anonymous said...

I like your paintings Deb. Nice broad brush strokes with beautiful hues. Don't ever worry about being random. That's where the beauty lies...


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