Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lilttle Cypress Natives in Florence, Alabama

Native Azalea buds

Today I celebrate the turning tide in this country, maybe the world, toward using native plants. The gardener's mantra is "Right Plant - Right Place." I've made so many mistakes in my gardening career but have found that following that rule makes gardening so much simpler.

Carroll and I traveled to Florence Saturday afternoon to one of our favorite places on the planet - Little Cypress Natives. Harry & Linda Wallace live in this gorgeous wooded area flanked by wide open, green fields. Down the road is the historic Forks of Cypress plantation built by James Jackson who long ago was president of the Alabama Senate. That's another story entirely for another post one day. For the purposes of this post it's enough to note that Little Cypress Natives nursery is located on land once owned as part of the famous plantation.

Harry and Linda became enchanted by native plants when they built their home here. Over time their hobby became a thriving business. The best part about their nursery are their home grounds overlooking Little Cypress Creek. You can hear the creek waters running while strolling pathways that wind through their native gardens that sport huge rocks, moss, unexpected resting areas and, of course, native plants. It's extremely helpful seeing these plants in various garden settings as you can see how they grow and what works well together.

The resident cat, Dick, is a charmer who loves to be loved on and makes kitty biscuits while softly purring. Dick the cat nearly came home with me, but I figured Harry & Linda might miss him so I let him be.

Harry just put this new redwood swing deep in the grounds. A jasmine laden trellis grants shelter complete with heady floral scent. The old push mower adds a humorous touch while Dick looks on.
The view from the swing - Little Cypress Creek far below the hillside.

Another place to rest and enjoy nature.

Yet another place to rest. Beside this overhanging porch is a little stone waterfall that Harry and Linda had installed that rambles over stones and gives the birds a constant source of water. It's nice to listen to as well while one takes in the view and listens to the birds.


Simply enjoy.

The native azaleas are beginning to bloom now.

Garden pathway with Little Cypress Creek visible on the right.

After our gentle saunter through the woods we return to buy plants.
Thanks Harry & Linda (and Dick)

Happy Easter everyone.


Anonymous said...

Wow, this is so wonderful. I can't wait to have a garden with more land! Beautiful spot.

Anonymous said...

The viewpoints and resting areas are beautiful. They have certainly made this business a wonderful home to visit.

Daniel Spurgeon said...

Beautiful! You've given me even more incentive to make a trek over there! Did you purchase any plants? :)

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Thanks, all! Daniel - I went to purchase May apples, like those you highlighted in your blog but Harry discouraged me from planting it on my wild and wooly bank. So, after looking around I settled on Bracken Fern. He's going to order a ton of it for me and Carroll in September and that's when I'll plant it. The other thing I was wanting he didn't have in - the Carolina Moonseed. I resisted like mad buying more native azaleas!! Love those things!

Eve said...

This looks so beautiful! I can't wait to be surrounded by green plants and warm air! I love the view from the swing. I will have to get there someday!

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Hey Eve! You're invited, on me! Let me know when you hit Grant and we'll make a plan. Safe travels - Debi

wcgillian said...

What a grand place this would be to visit. Really very nice Debi.

kendalee said...

Lovely! And a favourite tune too... :o)

Maya said...

I love your garden. Since I live in a Condo I hardley get to see any trees around. What a breath of fresh air this blog is.

Keep it up.

A mom from the bizymoms Florence community

Anonymous said...

I've know Harry and Linda for a while. Wonderful place to visit. He took us on a tour of a couple of old plantation homes and the ruins at the Forks of Cypress and cemetery. Then we stopped in un-announced on Linda for coffee.


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