Monday, April 6, 2009

Sunday Night

Storms brewing to the west at sunset enthralled us with a theater of cloud formations. Boiling, racing, brewing, ever changing charcoal mountains with gleaming white and silver accents. Rays of sunshine framed appendages of feathering puffs. The odd rainbow effect of refracted light would shift with the winds, which whipped the clouds into odd formations.

Powerful visions such as these humble me into silence as I ponder just how small I am.

Nature can paint a picture like no other.

Truly spectacular.

There are no words for these miracles.

To the east, the clouds were beginning to cover the rising moon.
An hour later it was dark and the rains came in torrents.


Anonymous said...

beautiful images all ... I always love reading your posts -- you write so very well! Your words are often poetic.

Anonymous said...

Very artisticly said. Sometimes poetry can describe best what one is experiencing. These pictures are amazing, and having been there must have even been 10,000 times more amazing. Very Beautiful and a unique moment through unique formations.

Gardenchick said...

Beautiful photograghs!

The beauty that happens in the sky is so fleeting, we should look up more often.

themanicgardener said...

Stunning. All that in one evening?

Daniel Spurgeon said...

Wow! Debi, that is some of the best cloud photos that I have seen! Really- great captures- what a stunning show!

wcgillian said...

Yes, this is what life is all about
very very nice indeed!


Eve said...


Anonymous said...

And indeed - it was very good.

Carol said...

Wow!! All of your cloud photos are amazing but this one is extraordinary! Fabulous!! ;>)


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