Thursday, April 9, 2009

Buckeye Report

My sloping bank is filled with buckeyes. They gleam in the morning and afternoon sun and already attract early emerging butterflies and bumblebees. My heavens, our bumblebees are the size of zeppelins. Miniature dirigibles blundering from plant to plant, buzzing and pollinating. I love bees, but I digress. Soon the hummers will migrate from points south and begin feasting upon the buckeyes. It's time to dust off the hummingbird feeder and get ready for the show.

Just stopping by to say "hi!" I'm busy spring cleaning. The garage has been emptied, cleaned and prepared for a garage sale. Today, my task is to go through Bill & Elgin's things - throw away, sort for charities, price for garage sale, etc. Our stuff, too. It's GOTTA go.

Everyone have a wonderful, stellar, remarkable, magical day!


Anonymous said...

The flowers are fresh,

The bees are hungry,

The garage is empited,

And the mind is at Peace.

D'Rimba said...

My dear friend, I love nature too. Don't forget to visit my blog. you and all of your friends are invited. I really appreciate your support. Thanks...

Anonymous said...

"...bumblebees are the size of zeppelins." Wow! :)
May you have a successful garage sale and wishing you a joyful Easter weekend!


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