Thursday, April 16, 2009

Purple and Chartreuse

My mother's front bed is exploding colors of deep burgundy-blue-purple of some special barberry and the bright chartreuse with red tips of a mounded spirea. The combination is breathtaking.

The barberry's tiny white flowers attract honey bees, which were working hard yesterday.

The blue glass garden globe complements the barberry and spirea.


The spirea will soon bloom tiny lavender flowers as the white flowers of the barberry fade. Within weeks the Virginia Sweetspire in the back will be draped in white columns of flowers. Her yard is so beautiful that cars stop to gaze at the colors.

I just had to share the beauty. Enjoy your days.


Sheila said...

That is lovely! One of my favorite color combinations!

Anonymous said...

I love chartreuse in the garden as well. Your mother's garden is stunning in spring. The snow is melting up here. We've had 3 days where the weather hit double digits (10 above)!

Listening to an interview with Leonard Cohen -- love that man.

Anonymous said...

The colours and textures in this garden are wonderful, flowing so well within the same breath. I love the background of the blue glass too. I have been thinking of playing with such ideas in taking pictures of flowers out in Nature to extenuate the natural beauty in that which already exists in abundance all around us.

Anonymous said...

Once again, your understanding of how to capture color leaves me speechless.

Eve said...

This is so beautiful Debi! I'm bring a spirea like this one with me...hoping it'll make the trip. We leave in the morning, can't believe we pulled it off. OH and we got the house!!!

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Thanks everyone! I'll be sure to let my mom read your comments. Her yard is really pretty - my photos don't do it justice. Eve - let me know when you land in Alabama and we'll make a plan to meet. I have a magazine for you to help you learn about Alabama gardening!


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