Thursday, July 16, 2009

Another storm is barreling in from the Northwest this morning. Fortunately, I have nothing to do but sip coffee and watch the show. When it gets a little closer I'll try my hand at capturing the beast. In the meantime, I began looking at some recent storm photos. Hubby and I were sitting on the deck watching the leaves riding the windy waves one afternoon and I took some so-so shots, being too lazy to go inside and get the tripod. Looking at these photos this morning I noticed something on these leaves - little winged insects of some sort, holding on for dear life to the underside of a leaf. It's blurry, but if you enlarge the photo you can see them.

Where do the bugs and insects and birds go during storms? I've witnessed drenched, befuddled birds clinging to wind-whipped branches, afraid to let go and fly in turbulent winds. I've witnessed a butterfly struggle along the ground after a hurricane rolled through. Our porch was covered with midges during one thunderstorm, granting them safe haven. I've cried over baby birds knocked out of their nests and woodpeckers struck by lightning. As much as I love a good thunderstorm I'm well aware of their power to destroy. Thunderstorms are necessary but they always exact a price.


Eve said...

The turbulence in the photo tells it all Debi. I often wonder the same thing. Most of them find a way. It still hasn't hit here yet, I think I hear crackling on the it must be close.

Daniel Spurgeon said...

Nice thoughts on thunderstorms, Debi. I haven't noticed too much of the storm over here in Florence- last night the trees did start dancing quite lively with the wind- but nothing too violent. We did bring in all of the animals just to be on the safe side. Have a great day!

Charlotte said...

Really great pictures of the lilies!


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