Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Please Don't Throw Wishes at our Fishes

Just for grins today. The sign in the Huntsville Botanical Garden's Butterfly House reads "Please Don't Throw Wishes at our Fishes." I suppose fish shouldn't be eating coins and the like. I was sitting on a bench conveniently located behind the waterfall. It's just pretty. I love visiting the Butterfly House and think I'm about due a return trip. Have a lovely day, all.


wcgillian said...

Nice stop action there Deb.

Daniel Spurgeon said...

I'll have to take the kids and visit the butterfly garden- that sounds like a great trip. That is a unique sign! :)

Eve said...

I think they are worried about them getting a little bum on the head! If you're up to it, let us know when you go to the butterfly house Debi, Morgan and I will meet you, we've been meaning to go.

The Garden Ms. S said...

Great photo! I love the perspective.

DIane Schuller said...

I LOVE this photo!
Good for them for putting that sign up- the coins and the human's germs on them are very dangerous for fish. I think they've used humour very well in creating an appropriate sign. What I like the best is your great photo :)


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