Friday, July 10, 2009


I've been putting black oil sunflower seeds and fruit treats in a little tray for the birds, along with lots of water since we're in this dry spell. Mr. Red Headed Woodpecker is enjoying the bounty as much as rest of the birds. As you know, I have an affinity for RHW's. They are not nesting in the local tree cavity this year. We've also noticed that there are many more holes in the dead tree limb so maybe they don't care for that particular limb any longer. Last year Great Crested Flycatchers nested in the tree limb but this year nothing...not even the nasty Starlings are interested. So...I feed my favorites treats as a way to draw them in to me. Their spirit fills me up.


Eve said...

Way to go Debi!! But hey, my RHW's haven't found my feeder yet! I wonder if there's just something growing in the tree holes they don't like? Well, enjoy these guys, they sure are beautiful!

Daniel Spurgeon said...

Lovely shot! Red Headed Woodpeckers are one of my favorites!

Bird Girl said... I'd love to have a redheaded woodpecker!!! Beautiful picture! I know my sister gets these and they do like that fruit and even mealworms!

DIane Schuller said...

great capture of this dapper looking avian!

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

It is really a beautiful bird. I wish we'd get some up this way, but I've never seen one.


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