Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pigs on a Rope

Sparta and Binks take a walk with mom.

Sparta is the black Guinea Pig and Binks is the calico Guinea Pig. They're brothers. Kayla insisted that Baylee wasn't enough pet - she wanted something small, furry and "cute" so she took her hard-earned dollars to Petco and bought these guys and all the pig accoutrements: Cage, igloo, hollow log thingie, food, water bottle, bedding, bed, etc. Because Baylee is a carnivore who survived (before finding Nirvana at house) on rabbits, mice, squirrels, cats, you name it ... we now have living, breathing bacon bits in the house tempting her nostrils on a daily basis. Poor Baylee.

The pigs have survived thus far and have grown, nearly doubling in size. Yesterday, Kayla decided they needed exercise and went to Petco to find some toys. She came back with leashes. Teeny, tiny leashes with teeny tiny harnesses. This is just too rich, folks. I couldn't stop laughing until I realized this is great blogging material. Pigs on leashes - too funny.

Binks and Sparta weren't crazy about the sidewalk, but once their feet touched grass they were all excited. Kayla learned quickly that one doesn't necessarily "walk" pigs, but simply stand there and watch them go around in little quick circles, making their little excited noises and munching on grasses. My job was photographer and lifeguard - watching for the feral cats that are growing in abundance in our neighborhood.

So Sparta and Binks took a walk, and it was good.


DIane Schuller said...

hilarious -- great blogging material indeed!

Daniel Spurgeon said...

Very cute! My kids also have little leashes for rabbits and ferrets. As well as the hamster ball. We still a hamster, rabbit and a ferret. Those guinea pigs are cute! Yes- I do imagine that they drive Baylee crazy!

Eve said...

But can you hang them in the shower????

This was too funny Debi! Is Kayla going to sneak them in to see G-Force?!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I had no idea one could walk Guinea Pigs on leashes; heck, I had no idea leashes for Guinea Pigs could even be found!

Very cute pictures indeed.

Anonymous said...

They are so CUTE!!!

wcgillian said...

I know how Baylee feels, everytime I see doughnuts, I shake.

Blessing Counter said...

If you take a pig for a walk..he'll probably want a pancake after...ok, couldn't resist! This post made me smile and remember favorite children's books!!

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

How cute! My daughter is just the same way...she's had about every pet imaginable...even in college!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What lucky little piggies to have a doting caretaker.


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