Saturday, July 18, 2009

Before the storm

The water looks like mercury,
gusty winds stir the surface,

haze blankets far distant shores.

Dark clouds brush treetops with swirling fingers

Escaping vapors rise to join the clouds,
wanting to belong, wanting to dance.


Eve said...

I love it Debi! This is just a treat! Thanks for sharing it with us!

judypatooote said...

Hi, I find that it is usually you and I that leave comments on Randy's blog (Random Stone), and I've never stopped by your blog before....but I'm glad i did... your interests are so very much like mine....and I love your pictures.... judy

Bird Girl said...

I felt like I was reading the first page of a thrilling book and I wanted MORE! That was a fantastic description of what transpired in you images!

wcgillian said...

I should have told judy to check your blog out sometime ago. My bad. You should take a look at her blog as well it is amazing. This post reminds me of times gone by. We don't gget these storms on the slope. No Thunder storms up here except one unusual event that could be seen from a distance years ago. I miss them and I have yet to see one in Vancouver.


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