Thursday, July 16, 2009

Before and After

Yesterday a light morning sun shower left glistening translucent pearls on the surprise lilies that popped up on my bank. These were definitely a surprise, as I'd forgotten all about them. My mom and I planted them in what was going to be a nursery, allowing the earth to cradle them until I could have beds made. Well, nature being what it is the nursery was immediately overtaken by weeds and vines and buckeyes and the lilies were forgotten about over time.

Recently, my new garden angel by the name of Bradley has been helping me clear the bank. He cut down saplings and used a professional weedeater on the rest of the undergrowth. Then, he sprayed it with Roundup twice. I now have what is known as a "dead grass mulch." No matter - the weeds are already starting to grow back BUT... I have Bradley and a professional Roundup sprayer. We've planted native azaleas and a gray-stemmed dogwood, which are all appreciative of our rains.

I was astounded one morning to discover the heads of surprise lilies poking up between the dead grasses. These beautiful lilies were not touched by the Roundup as they were safely beneath the soil waiting for their chance to bloom. And bloom they did!

Last night's torrential downpour followed by this morning's storms did a little damage to the lilies, but not much. Some are lying down on the bank in the storm's passing gloom and the upright blossoms have gained a little character.

Yet as I look outside this afternoon the lilies are beginning to perk up and reach for the sky. Storms have passed for now and the earth has had a nice long drink.


Eve said...

I've never heard of these Surprise Lilies Debi, and now I have. There is nothing like a lily to bring a little sunshine to each day. I'll have to look for them!
I never got any rain today!

Daniel Spurgeon said...

Is it not to get surprises from nature like that! They are really lovely lilies!

Teresa~Gardening with Soule said...

Pretty lillies! Nothing like a flower showing up unexpectedly. (even if you planted it.)

judypatooote said...

Beautiful pictures of the lilies. At least you know they are hardy... I have blackberry lilies and they go through many stages... and end up as berries...and they are so hardy, they pop up in my mulch and in dirt that don't deserve to be called dirt....but they are suppose to be from Thomas Jeffersons garden, so I love them...LOL judy

Bird Girl said...

I'm glad you surprise lilies were hiding beneath and unscathed by the Roundup ;-) Guess what we call these lilies here in central PA? Naked Ladies! I suppose because they have no leaves on their stems!

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Blackberry Lilies and "Naked Ladies"! How fun is that?!

Deborah Carr said...

And don't they look like they are having a merry time of it?

~~Rhonda said...

I have surprise lilies in my garden that came from my grandmother's garden. Love them for many reasons. Aren't they beautiful? I am glad yours were a pleasant surprise!

I am always fascinated by how well delicate blooms will survive a thunderstorm and high winds. Seems impossible, but there they are! ~~Rhonda

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Thanks everyone. My surprise lilies came from my mother's yard and I just love them even more because of that. Have a great weekend, all!


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