Friday, September 3, 2010

Brand New Day

Spicebush Swallowtails in Love

The past couple of mornings I've waken up to the repeated high pitched call of a single large bird. That's an assumption of course because I cannot see the bird but can indeed hear its single, shrill, loud, sharp ear-splitting call over and over and over for about 30 minutes. Two mornings in a row in the pre-dawn gloom, the only light in the room filtering in gray and flat through the blinds, and this single-minded vocalization reverberating through the skies.

So I lie there and listen until the song is finished. Afterwards, I rise as the other birds begin nervous twitterings.

Yesterday, I watched two nuthatches clamber up and down a tree in my front yard.

There are dirt fairy circles in the yard. Perfect circles made in the dry earth by some creature, about the size of a frisbee. I've no explanation.

The cardinals are feeding in the backyard. Squirrels are gathering nuts.

One early evening I saw bats flying. I adore bats. Lord knows we've enough mosquitoes to keep them happy.

There are entirely too many chipmunks here. They dig up my flower pots and scurry across the patio driving Baylee wild.

I've seen butterflies galore. The spicebush swallowtails above, a red spotted purple, hackberry emperors and scads of sulphers looking for all the world like pats of butter.

Soon, I'll begin fitting the backyard with bird-attracting feeders and a birdbath. Wouldn't a fire pit be fun to have on the patio? Time to embrace this place as we'll be here for a while. It's not a bad place it's just not my place, but for the time being it is the perfect place for us to heal and be. Nature is all around me, even in the city limits. I must be still and open my eyes and heart.

Finding ones bliss by accepting things as they are, then "bloom where (one) is planted," seems key to happiness. Enjoy the transition of the seasons.


Jenny said...

That's lovely Debs, thanks for sharing your thoughts on the wildlife around you and your home(for the time being).

Gaelyn said...

Doesn't sound like such a bad place to be. Sometimes acceptance is good, at least for a little while, and while waiting.

Rural Rambler said...

Debi I wear a hand stamped necklace I special ordered around my neck that says "follow your bliss". It has kinda been my rule of life since I hit 50, soon to be nine years ago. I find myself just reaching up and running my finger and thumb over it just to assure myself. I think you have the right idea about finding ones bliss by accepting things the way they are and then trying to bloom where planted. I feel like I am prattling on here and have lost my sense of where I am going. Bah. Anyhoo I think I was trying to say you have the magic key, but it took me a bit to find it. I get the whole "it's just not your place to be". It was much easier to follow my bliss when I found myself out here on our "tiny ten" but I realize time and place is fragile. I think your yard sounds wonderful by your description, I think you have definitely opened your eyes and heart for this time and place :)

Rural Rambler said...

AND as if I haven't prattled on enough, Sting's Brand New Day is CH's ringtone :)


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