Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cold Front Approachin'

Wheeler Lake Sunset
Carroll Adams

Hurricanes can cause vivid, striking sunrises and sunsets on our lake. My friend Carroll took this photo of the sunset during Hurricane Earl's journey up the east coast. These aren't hurricane clouds, but instead (according to Mz. Adams) "just the cold front that came in from the northwest that pushed the hurricane out to sea." It's sorta yummy, like peach sherbet or a pina colada. Thanks for sharing, twinnie.


Gaelyn said...

Truly amazing. It does look like a tropical drink. When is cocktail time?

Really like the new header.

Eve said...

Time for Carroll to start her own blog!!! Great photo! I bet it makes you miss the lake Debi!!

Deborah Carr said...

Make me appreciate being in a land of setting and rising suns.

Jenny said...

I have to agree, fabulous colours! The violet shades of the water as well as the warm peachy sky! Loverrrly!


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