Saturday, September 4, 2010

October 26, 2004

Sony Cybershot
Wheeler Lake

This was one amazing sunrise. It's called with great fondness the Bozo Sunrise due to the vase-shape of red light emanating from the bright white sun that resembles the famous clown's hair. Since my photo days are limited, as are my energies, I'm going to trip down memory lane and revisit lots of photos from My Lake and River for some time. Please to enjoy!


Jenny said...

That sunrise is something else! Lovely! Now is way past sunset over here so I'm off to hit the hay. G'nite Debi

Naquillity said...

breathtakingly beautiful. hope all is well.

bunnits said...

That is an outstanding sunrise. Thanks.

Gaelyn said...

That is the MOST Amazing Bozo sunrise! So bright and dramatic. Well captured. Although I hope you do take some time for yourself I look forward to the memories as well. Take care.

bunnits said...

I just took a look at "Tree Meets Sun" (August 30, 2009). Isn't The Greenery just the coolest place! I haven't been there in a while, but went there frequently when I worked at Burritt Museum because it was so close. They used to serve sandwiches from a great restaurant in town and I'd run down there on my lunch break, enjoy great food and wonderful stuff to look at and wish for.

Rural Rambler said...

I think going down memory lane with you will be a great time. I will learn a few things too I bet!


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