Sunday, September 19, 2010

Butterflies and Bees

Hackberry emperors are everywhere. They flitter through the air, dangle from leaves, stick to the side of the house and decorate my patio. One hitched a ride in my hair. This lovely guy was cold yesterday morning early, spreading his wings to catch some rays. Because he was cold he was mine to photograph.

His eyeball watched me carefully. What was this strange creature with a long, black cylinder sticking out of its face? The Canon with its macro and I crept closer, kneeling on the patio. His tongue must have needed warming, too.

He didn't budge, didn't blink, didn't move his antennae. Only his eyes traveled, mimicking my moves.

So how close can I get?

This close. My, what pretty eyes you have!

Later I head to the mailbox to see what's there and here's this lovely copper winged bumbler hanging on. Yes...this is our mailbox post and I offer no apologies. Normal people would have sanded and painted it but I'm partial to the lichens and mosses and its textured appearance. It reminds me of the forest and my lake so it remains despite the neighbor's imagined turned-up noses. Doesn't the bee look nice there? He was immortalized from all directions and never budged. Later, I went back to check on him and he was all warmed up and buzzing elsewhere.

Nature offers spirituality up in so many forms, so may ways. We have but to open our hearts and minds. Have a lovely Sunday.


Gaelyn said...

Great shots of this chilly butterfly. Its eyes do appear to follow you. Yet I can't help but wonder what I'd do with a super-sized lens coming toward me in the early morn. ;)

Jenny said...

I love your narrative about getting closer and closer to the butterfly. I had a similar experience yesterday with a Conehead (type of grasshopper). Will hope to post that sometime soon (I've had a bit of a 'walkabout' with my blog recently! (-: Oh, by the way Debs, I LOVE that lichen covered post box! (-:

Eve said...

I love the Hackberry Debi...had one the other day too but he was warm and active. The photos are beautiful and I love the lichen nose turning here!!


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