Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Gift of Happy

(Mute Playlist to hear video)

A good friend sent me a link to this video and asked me to watch it. Amazing shadow puppetry, but beyond the artistry I love the message. My own personal search for Happy this holiday has been very fulfilling. How nice to know that the Gift of Happy can be given by everyone, anyone, by the click of the mouse.

This is a 7:14 video that can be seen on YouTube by clicking HERE.

Here's a snippet of information taken from their YouTube page: "The Gift of Happy is an original holiday story told through shadows. Visit for more info. In the true spirit of giving, AJWright will donate $1 to the Boys & Girls Clubs for each view of this video. This first-of-its-kind film was performed by children from the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and was made possible through the partnership between AJWright and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Creative services provided by SBC Advertising"

I'm not sure if perusing the video from my blog will actually count so I offer both sources. It's a beautifully done piece and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Merry Christmas.


Anonymous said...

I can see that if we actually look at the shadows that we project into the world, then light has shined upon them, bestowing us with a sense of happiness and completion.

Happy Holidays......

jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

That's a wonderful video. The gift of Happy is a good thing to share. Happy Christmas, Debi, to you and yours from me and mine across the miles.


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