Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Music


I'm missing my holiday tunes. Our stereo is at the lake house for the renters and I've only my iPod and computer to feed my need. Music provides the backdrop of my life so Christmas without stirring Celtic tunes or Michael McDonald's Christmas music or James Taylor's Christmas music or my favorite STING's Christmas music floating on high I feel as though I'm lacking a critical bit of my being.

Because the family never, ever think to get me music for the holidays I always rush out and buy it myself. Sometimes, if I can wait, I'll wrap it up to me from them and put a little "To From" on it to open on Christmas morning. "Thanks, guys! I've been wanting this!" They grin, knowing of my obsession. I simply could not wait for Sting's "If On a Winter's Night" to be released. As Sting says, this isn't Christmas music but winter music. I, too, love winter and this is the perfect music for chilly nights with fireplaces glowing, snapping logs and red embers, hot toddies within reach. Please enjoy this beautifully crafted video and the beauty of Sting's music.


The Garden Ms. S said...

This is so great! I think I will hint to hubby!! ;-)

Eve said...

I've got my Christmas music on too Debi! There's nothing better than just letting yourself get lost in good music!

jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

Sting is wonderful, Debi; thank you for sharing this lovely, moody piece. Happy Christmas to you, and happy Solstice too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Debi, it is wonderful. I love your wallpaper design too. I hope you and yours have the best of the best of holidays!


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