Saturday, December 5, 2009

Snow? In Alabama?

Yes, Eve...I can believe you! Just last night hubby and I were dining with friends and they told us about the forecast. Yeah, right. Sure. Uh huh. There'll be snow in Alabama AND snow in Houston, Texas. Uh huh. And I've got a bridge I wanna sell ya. Well, yee haw buddy 'cause we woke to SNOW on the GROUND.

Baylee romped and bounded and sniffed and snuffled.

This is looking in the general direction toward's Eve's house far away in Grant. Hello, Eve! To look in Daniel's direction isn't nearly as nice a shot, sorry Daniel. Fortunately for us Southerners, the snow is due to melt soon. There's no ice so driving to run errands later will be easy peesy.

Happy Snow....for now!!!


Eve said...'s 10:43 and the snow has not melted!!!
I love this Debi!! I was looking at the last picture and then read that you were looking toward me!! So COOL!!
We that was a real treat to wake up to this morning for sure. Thanks for thinking of me too! hahahaha! Now I think it's time to go shopping...I need boots...if I buy them do you think it will ever snow again??? hahahaha!

Gaelyn said...

Snow in AL, what's up with that? It sure felt cold enough here for snow this morning. And it's in the forecast. I need to head further south!

Lythrum said...

That's the nice thing about the snow here, it stays feeling special. When you have snow on the ground from November to March it kind of loses its coolness. :)

Daniel Spurgeon said...

Very nice! We didn't get any of the snow over here in Florence. I had seen on the forecast where it was a possibility and told the kids about it the night before- but alas, no snow this time for us. Thanks for the post about it!

Anonymous said...

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